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ICICI Bank application launched for facebook


ICICI bank application pic on facebook

Today morning I got a mail specifying Dear customer ICICI bank is now on face book. In first look the mail didn’t surprise me a bit because I get a routine mail from ICICI  on every day. After sometime I thought that lets check this application of ICICI bank.

I checked the application and found it extremely useful. It is the official page of ICICI bank on facebook. ICICI bank customer can access this application on http://www.facebook.com/icicibank.

In first look this application look like all those similar application but this application is a full-fledged approach by ICICI bank on two fronts.  Approaching their customer who are active on facebook and this application will also play a major role in doing branding through user engagement.

In first part we will focus on customer approach. It is an application which focuses on the basic necessities of a customer on daily basis. The strategy of this application is very smart where ICICI is solving the most basic need of any customer and we consider it a much focused approach which will surely produce result. There are five option in this application for a customer of ICICI banks and few can be useful for any user of facebook like “locate us”

  Your bank account is an option which is itself an application. This app allows you to check your account summary & details and provides you a mini statement.  Five basic services like Apply for Email Statement, Cheque Status Inquiry, Upgrade Debit Card, cheque book request and stop cheque request are available to the customers. It may be these services but these services most time biggest percentage of customer need. It will be an easier point for those customers who are highly active on Facebook to avail these services. The basic concern while using this application is security because it require the authentication of user through their debit card and pin number. .As ICICI bank have stated in the security feature that “The ‘Bank Account’ App is hosted on secured ICICI Bank servers and is made available on Facebook through a secure SSL connection”. When a customer will click the launch application it will redirect the customer to the ICICI Bank servers where the second stage for registration of the application is available. A customer will feel that they are on facebook only because it still have the user interface of facebook but in reality the customer is on the ICICI server. The favicon also changes in to the logo of ICICI from the logo of Facebook. We can rely on one aspect that ICICI will always do everything to keep up the security of their customer accounts and they have done it. Still how customer will use this service through face book only time will tell.

Customer care option will allow any user to use the contact number of the customer care number of ICICI for all over India through option customer care.

locate us option allow facebook user to locate any bank or ATM of ICICI bank. This option is like  store locator option which we normally see in any retail chain apps.

BANK ON THE GO is an option which will allow many customers to do the banking through this application and the services they are offering through this option is mobile banking, ATM banking and internet banking. The assuring aspect of this part is that you click on any option and it will redirect the user to the ICICI Bank website to carry the further action.

Product suite allows any customer and facebook user to see the range of product which is offered by ICICI bank. It provide information related account, deposits, cards, home loans and investment.

On branding front this application offer two options.

Exclusive offers is going to be a big attraction for all the customers of ICICI bank on facebook. This part of application has been designed with a very smart strategy and understanding of customer needs. The offers are related to activities of a customer in daily life-like travelling, shopping, music, gadgets, dining and movie goers. This application will play a major role in taking the customer engagement with this application to a high level.

Videos option allows the customer to see the videos of ICICI bank ads. This option will also have it own users who would like to see any ad of ICICI bank.

Overall this application is a very smart and strategic approach on facebook from ICICI bank. One of the basic concerns that any customer will surely feel while using this application but I long run it will work. As customer started using phone and net banking they will also get used to this application also. We are sure that other banks in India will also follow this approach and soon we can see extensive banking application like this one.


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