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Venture Capital Firms who will Make billions From Facebook IPO



Facebook IPO the single tech company whose IPO valuation is over $100 billion. Not only the funding members will see their fortunes rising in billions but many venture investment company. 18th May is the date for which many angel, corporate and venture capital investor were waiting since many years. Lets find out about the firms  who will make billions from the Facebook IPO.

Peter Theil: Peter Theil co-founded PayPal and headed it as CEO also. He invested 500000 $ in Facebook as a seed fund. The valuation of his investment in Facebook in 2004 after their valuation is around $2 billion. He is also a member of Board Of Directors of Facebook. Peter Theil has also made investment in YouTube and LinkedIn.

Microsoft: The software Giant at last started doing right investment and creating strategic partnership which will matter for them in Future. In 2007 Microsoft invested in Facebook around  $240 million. Microsoft stake in Facebook is around 1.6%. We don’t think that they will offload any share of Facebook tomorrow or in coming future. Facebook has evolved as an extremely important partner for Microsoft to compete with Google.

Recently we have seen the extraordinary partnership between Microsoft and Facebook regarding AOL deals.

Digital Sky Technologies: Moscow based venture capital firm invested $200 million in Facebook in 2009 which surprised everyone in Silicon valley. On Friday DST will offer 46 million shares and valuations of these shares will go above $1.5 billion.

Greylock Partners: Greylock invested $27.5 in Facebook and their valuation of shares is around $1.5 billion.

Accel Partners: Investing $12.7 million in Facebook is in 2005 has become Goldmine investment for Accel Partners. Accel Partners will earn maximum profit with an investment of only $ 12.5 million dollar. Accel Partners portfolio is very strong but Facebook is the brightest gem in their portfolio. Their stake in Facebook is around 10% and tomorrow they are going to sell 49 million shares.

General Atlantic: General Atlantic has invested in Facebook by purchasing 2.5 million shares by purchasing shares from former Facebook employees and  have 0.1% Stake in Facebook.

Goldman Sachs:  Goldman Sachs has invested $450 million in Facebook and have 1% stake. Goldman Sachs will sell 28.7 million of Facebook tomorrow. The investment bank owns $65.8 million shares in Facebook.

Elevation Partners: An investment firm which is more famous for their association with U2 iconic singer BONO than their investment will be a part of the most exclusive team on planet earth on which every news agency will keep an eye. They invested $90 million Facebook in 2010 for 1% stake. Their investment valuation in Facebook is more than $1 billion.

Meritech Partners: The investment firm invested in Facebook in 2006 and owns 1.5% stake in Facebook.

There are many other investment firms and angel investors who have invested in Facebook and their investment will be in hundred of millions of dollars. There is an extremely interesting case about a person who has nothing to do with technology, investment firms or he was never an angel investor for Facebook still he owns Facebook shares. David Choe an American artist versed in Painting, Mural art and Graffiti art was hired by Sean Parker to deliver art work for the first office of Facebook in silicon valley. In 2007 again he was hired by Mark Zuckerberg to deliver another art work for Facebook office. Mark Zuckerberg offered him to pay thorough cash or shares. David himself thought that Facebook business model is ridiculous but  choose Stock options. His stock option of Facebook valued around $200 million. He is also the part of accidental billionaires.

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