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Google has launched new version Google+ app for iPhone

Google has launched the new version of Google+ app for i-Phone. Updated version of Google+ for  android will be available in few weeks with something interesting. The announcement came  on the official blog-post of Google. The latest version of Google+ app for i-Phone is as revolutionary as Google+ redesign was and it is awesome. The latest design is not only build to take on Facebook but it is build to take every mobile social networking application out there.

The stream design is beautiful and it will provide the much needed freshness to the eyes. As per the post Google has concentrated creating Google+ for sensor rich touch smartphone and high density display. Google has clearly said that they are not interested in a mobile or social experience that is smaller.

We downloaded the application and tried it. The first experience was a relief that “OK this is a great app” but why?

You can experience pictures in a great way. Google has concentrated on this new Google+ app on three front as explained  in the post by Google.

1. Google + want to make your photos, post, articles look good.

2. Crisper fonts, larger profile pics and a friendlier home-screen for Latest version of Google+.

3. User can easily scan the stream and it is easier for the eyes also.

The design of the stream is extraordinary. The latest update of Google+ allow user to swim in the stream. Everything in the stream just fall in to place as you move forward or downward. Optical cue allows the mind to linger on the individual post.

We have tried the new Google+ and we have really love the way stream is designed. Till the time you are inside the Google+ app you will able to concentrate.

Taking photographs and loading it is much easier and faster. The same easiness is applicable to changing the profile picture in the Google+ app. The photo clicking option has a unique option Retake. It allow us to retake a photo if the Click is not what we thought. Google + latest version is beautiful, fast and provides a great experience to user. Upgrade your Google+ from you app store to the latest version of Google+.

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