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Google+ Now Local with the power of Zagat


Google+ local is the latest addition in Google+ which will add a local flavor in the Global audience of Google+. Google+ Local will add a great value for Google+ user  and local business. What is Google+ Local?

Google+ Local is a new tab added in left side of Google+. Google+ Local a user can find local information very easily. The information’s in Google+ Local features Zagat scores and recommendation from people. You can find information about the local restaurants, park, museum etc.

It is one of the strategy of Google to provide same experience user on every services of Google. Google+ Local is also integrated across all services of Google like search, Map and user’s will find same local information there. It is also available on map on Android devices and soon it will be available in iOS also.

Zagats 30 point scale: Each place user will see on Google+ will be scored on Zagats 30 point score. Google explains it in a way that a restaurant which has great food but not great decor. Normally it will get 4 stars but on Zagat’s score a user will find 26 in food and eight on decor. So it will help a user to make a better decision regarding the restaurant.  If you are going on date better try something else.

Recommendation and review from people you know: People in your circle who are your friends will start playing a greater role. If a user is searching for a particular restaurant or parlor in your local area and if any of your friend has written a review about your search term then it will added to user search result.

We think that Google+ Local will make Google+ local more relevant for Google+ users. We know and suggest all the local brand to start working on their services to get better Zagat score and better reviews.

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