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Google Knowledge Graph – New Smart Search Launched By Google



With launch of Knowledge Graph Google has once again kept it’s focus on users and is working towards making the search user friendly.Searching relevant data has become increasingly difficult due to overload of information and users have very little patience for irreverent search results and Google Semantic web or Knowledge Graph are launched to make your search smart and get you relevant data.

Google posted this news on their official blog

How Knowledge Graph Searches Smartly?

Knowledge Graph Searches for people ,places, things ,celestial objects  and basically all things that Google knows about through it’s knowledge databases like freebase, Wikipedia etc.Google’s Knowledge Graph contains  more than 500 million objects, as well as more than 3.5 billion facts about and relationships between these different objects.

Knowledge Graph will replace the simple keyword recognition with identification of entities, nodes and relationships. This New Google Search is designed more like a human brain which brings you the relevant search results

Expect following changes with new Knowledge Graph

  • Summary along with search – if you are searching for Frank lloyd wright  , you’ll see when he was born and died, but you’ll also get details on his education and images of buildings he designed


  • Get the right thing- If you are Searching for Taj Mahal, you will be prompted for two things , Taj Mahal the monument or Taj Mahal the musician and you can choose the one you are looking for and then get the correct search.


When the Knowledge Graph will be rolled out?
Rollout of Knowledge Graph to U.S.English users have begun , it is also going to be available for Smartphone and Tablets
This new Knowledge Graph launch of  Google has created quite a stir among online user communities and raises new questions like
  • IS SEO relevant anymore ? and all the SEO tactics and gimmickry would eventually become redundant?
  • Microsoft Bing recently launched “Social” Search , do people want social search or relevant search?
  • Is this one step closer to robots taking over?
Watch the video in which Google managers will explain the development.
[youtube width="500" height="300"]mmQl6VGvX-c[/youtube]
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