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How to increase Productivity On Twitter?

While you are using twitter to Increase your brand awareness and drive business, how does one manages the followers,replies, groups and  messages? Following list will help you to increase your twitter productivity and do some business

  • bit.ly - You need to be able to shorten long URLs from blog posts or Web sites that have great content that you want to tweet to your followers It helps you shorten,share and analyze your links
  • http://hootsuite.com - If you want to be productive on twitter and manage your time effectively then hootsuite is for you.Hootsuite Allows you to manage multiple twitter accounts  , add multiple editors to the same account , preschedule your tweets, measure clicks on shorten URLS , manage all your social media sites.When it comes to managing your time the most valuable option on Hootsuite is Preposting your tweets that means you can write your tweets in advance and post throughout the day
  • Nearby Tweets - Twitterers who want to connect to individuals in their general location can use this site , it allows you to search people on twitter according to geography.You can use the search results to build customer relationships and monitor what customers are saying in real time.
  • Socialtoo - SocialToo is your companion to the social Web. SocialToo can help you become a social power user, by complementing your social experience, giving you all the tools you need to harness the potential of your network. Socialtoo and profile service gives you the tools to autofollow and track specific information about each person that follows you, and you can also get daily stats surrounding new follows and unfollows.
  • TweetDeck - You can use TweetDeck directly from your desktop, and it manages followers, friends, replies, direct messages, multiple social profiles, groups, and any other Twitter feature you could possibly imagine. TweetDeck allows you to create groups that can cater to any type of subject.For example, if you want to pull a feed from Twitter that has to do with IBM poducts, you can do just that by using TweetDeck.You can also use this on you iphone
  • BrandTweet Statistics - BrandTweet allows you to search the hidden network of twitter contacts that is relevant to you , visualize the network of the network of your relevant contacts and their contacts,see who of your Twitter friends are online this very moment,read some stats about your Twitter account
  • twhirl - twhirl is a social software desktop client ,connects to multiple Twitter, laconi.ca, Friendfeed and Seesmic Video accounts runs on both Windows and Mac platforms , other cool features worth mentioning such as enabling you to post messages to multiple profiles on other social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace. You can record a video on Seesmic Video, and share it on Twitter immediately.
  • Twilert-TWilert is free web app that enables you to receive regular e-mail updates about tweets that contain the name of your brand, product, or service, or any keyword you could possibly want to find. You can set up the service extremely easily, and you can use it to stay on top of the conversations surrounding your specific keyword.
  • Twitter Grader - Twitter Grader allows you to track and measure your (and others’) relative Twitter power. The calculation is based on a combination of different factors, including your number of followers, the power of your followers, and the number of updates, clicks, and retweets.
  • Twitterrific - it is like TweetDeck mentioned above but Twitterrific is designed for Mac.  It gives you the same type of capabilities as TweetDeck, but it offers more keyboard shortcuts for the Mac user. The application is designed to let you view as much or as little information as you want when you use Twitterrific on your desktop.It’s also available as an iPhone App


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