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Top Indian Innovators of 2011

I=India=Innovation. India is now coming out of the shell of considered as exporter of technology from west instead many Indian have taken the onus to build the path which leads to innovation. We are seeing the result of this hard-work from these young men and women. Here is the list of young innovators, who represent innovation in business and technology from India.

The mHealth Alliance and the Rockefeller Foundation have announced the Top 11 in 2011 Innovators Challenge and among the 11 were 2 Indians, Recognized for using mobile technology in innovative ways to improve health systems and outcomes in even the most remote areas of the world.

  •  Ashok Jhunjhunwala for Voice Net – a personalized voice-based information retrieval and transaction system with local language voice recognition to effectively aid healthcare delivery in India. –
  • K.S. Shankar for a mother and child tracking system, based on SMS technology, that provides updates from auxiliary nurse midwives in India

Following group of innovators are parts of the prestigious India TR35 honor by MIT’s Technology Review India.

  •  Ajit Narayanan has developed Avaz voice in Hindi AVAZ is a communication device for people with speech disorders such as cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation, and aphasia. –
  • Alefia Merchant has developed a novel method of screening for eye disease in children under the age of five.This method exploits existing, low-cost, and readily-available digital camera technology to photograph a child’s eye for signs of vision-threatening disease as an alternative to standard medical technology in current use.
  • Gautam Kumar has developed a system that detects leakage of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and sends warning messages to people connected with the device over their cell phones. The device is called Suraksha which means “safety” in Hindi.
  • Akash Lal has created an opportunity for developing precise and scalable tools for analyzing concurrent software,Using a collection of models of concurrent programs, Lal’s approach is 30 times faster than any existing tool for verifying concurrent programs.
  • Akshay Shah developed a software platform called AgileWiz, a short form of agile wizard, The Agilewiz technology is based on the concept of platform-as-a-service which can build fully functional application modules by feeding appropriate metadata as input.
  • Deepak Ravindran  the “instant cup of knowledge”. His mobile based service, SMSGyan, promises information on almost any topic to the user on his mobile phone without asking him to click on any link.
  • Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan has come up with a low-cost digital system which lets the users have the convenience of using a normal pen and a plain paper to record data and instantly store it in the digital form.
  • Fahad Azad Duct cleaning in enterprises remains a challenge because of the tough accessibility of these narrow metallic passages and the requirement of shutting down the entire system. Fahad Azad with his team at Robosoft Systems has developed a robot, called DuctBot, designed specifically to effectively clean Ducts
  • Harit Soni has come up with Ecolibrium  which is a smart-grid startup for enabling consumers to manage power consumption in real-time. A humungous amount of electricity is wasted because of the lack of a feedback loop between suppliers and consumers.
  • Krishna Gopal Singh has formulated a biodegradable printing ink which is mainly composed of the resin, the solvent which is used to dissolve the resin, the color pigment, and additives.
  • Manav Bhatia security and authentication algorithms help in making the routing protocols more secure and less susceptible to attacks, such as Denial of Service (DoS) or traffic redirection, so that data transfers happen seamlessly over the Internet.
  • Mayur M. Sadawana has developed a minimally invasive, cost-effective, and accurate system that requires just a drop of blood as sample for the estimation of multianalytes for DKA diagnosis. He uses quantum dots (QDs) as biosensors for sensing analytes. Quantum dots are photo-luminescent nano particles of the size range of 2-10 nanometers
  • Pulkit Gaur has developed a smart waterproof robot capable of carrying various underwater operations with ease. He calls his invention SaUsR (smart autonomous underwater service robot).
  • Sagar Bedmutha has created an intelligent SMS blocker which automatically blocks spam without the need of user intervention. His product smsBlocker also allows users to restore a blocked message.
  • Sameer Jain has designed and developed a root canal obturating machine, called Magik, which could make a root canal treatment failure proof. Jain’s invention has the potential to change the way root canal treatment is practiced across the globe, and particularly in India.
  • Sanjoy Ghosh has developed Logica EMO, a device for reducing vehicular pollution. It allows wireless monitoring and reporting of vehicular emissions in real-time.
  • Srinivasan Jayaraman has demonstrated application of human electrocardiogram (ECG) as a biometric.Using a collection of ECG waveforms corresponding to different people at different times, he has developed an algorithm to extract relevant morphological features and cluster them with enough distance for mapping them to people.
We know that thousands of young Indians are working to innovate and change the world. We promise you to bring more and more about them.


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