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20,000 Indian sites faces Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers wrath

A Bangladesh based group of hackers yesterday claimed on their Facebook page about hacking more than 20000 Indian websites. The government websites were main target but as per their Facebook page this group also hacked websites related to news, education and technology. This massive attack on Indian cyber space is in retaliation of the action of BSF forces in which 46 Bangladeshi national were killed last year.

These Bangladeshi hackers claim to be superior than Indian hackers who have just hacked 400 Bangladeshi sites as oppose to their own record of hacking 20,000 Indian websites a day.

This group has also communicated to the Indian government through their YouTube channel. Few days back Microsoft Indian online store website was attacked by another hacking group and data related to Login id was hacked which was not stored in encrypted format. Microsoft India website is still not back in action.In Less than a week time twenty thousand website have been hacked , this has clearly exposed the vulnerability of Indian cyber space.


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