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First Digital Agency Websites on Instagram: by Tribal DDB Israel

The rise of application based mobile social networking has kicked a new trend. On 30th April Tribal DDB Israel launched a fully functional website using Instagram as a medium. Mobile networking is growing at such a fast rate that it has become impossible for any brand to ignore it.Instagram is now being used as a medium to run a fully functioning websites.

If you are an Instagram user then you can search for TribalDDB_Israel and start following. Navigation to the website is possible through  tags like #workers, #clients, and #office life.  The Tribal DDB Israel office is supported by content on Statigram. How many Brands are focused on creating their presence on Instagram? Application based mobile social networking is increasing exponentially however it’s potential in creating a brand value is still not known.It is a creative start from Tribal DDB Israel.

Eilon Zarmon, Head of Tribal DDB Israel points at launch of this website as “We anticipate that a number of brands will explore opportunities with Instagram and other up-and-coming social networking sites and mobile applications,”.“Our brand website on Instagram serves as an expression of how much we love digital tools and opportunities for collaboration with tech companies.”

Redbull, BMW, Harley Davidson dealer from Turkey Harley-Davidson Bosphorus, BMW, BMW Brazil, Toyota Australia are other prominent brand present on Instagram.

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