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Kids sports and courage videos a hit on YouTube

Kids sports videos showing great skills and courage are natural hit on YouTube.  We went through YouTube to find-out videos which has made in to the hit list.

Girl First Ski Jump is the latest hit on you tube. It is video in which a girl is going for her first ski jump.The video was uploaded on March 12 2012 and till now it has received more than one million views.



Japanese Messi boy

The video is about a nine year old Japanese boy name Takefusa Kubo playing Football was uploaded on july 4 2011. The skill he has shown in his game made him a hit on YouTube. This video has received 1.8 million views.


Madin Mohammad video was uploaded on Nov 1 2008. The video was shot while he was playing football and the video went on to be a big hit on YouTube. It has already received more than ten million viewership on YouTube. There are some other videos also loaded on YouTube related to Madin Mohammad which have received more than a million views.

A kid playing in a football match resembles Messi is another big hit on YouTube. The video was uploaded  26 Feb 2010 and since then it has received more than ten million viewership. There are no description available on Youtube about the player. This video has also received more than ten million views.

Schaffer Maclean has lots of video on YouTube doing skateboarding. All of these combined video has got more than ten millions viewership. You can watch one of his video embedded here.

Casey Haynes video on You-Tube in which he has responded to a bully by smashing him on floor became a hit and the story was covered by many mainstream digital media through different angle.

The content is original, spontaneous and all of them are certainly interesting which makes them such a big hit on YouTube. Almost all of these videos is being covered by main stream media.


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