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Livefyre Acquires Storify


The story of Storify has entered in to a new phase with Livefyre acquiring Storify. Jordan Kretchmer CEO and founder posted an article on official blog of Livefyre about the acquisition.


He said

In celebration of the big news, we’ve decided to capture all the conversations surrounding the announcement in a Storify!

The reason behind the acquisition as  cited by Livefyre and  Storify is to create a synergy by integrating Livefyre’s StreamHub platform and Storify.

Livefyre’s StreamHub platform powers real-time conversation and social curation for over 400 of the world’s largest brands and publishers. Storify helps over 850,000 marketers and journalists at these same companies tell stories online using social content. So it seemed only natural for us to acquire Storify and integrate drag-and-drop editorial curation capabilities into our StreamHub platform.

How Storify will change in coming future has also been clarified by both Livefyre and Storify.

-Storify’s free product will continue to be offered as it is now, with no changes.

- Storify’s multiple paid tiers will be merged into a single enterprise offering.

- New features like single sign-on to create stories, centralized story and editor management, Storify galleries, user participation tools and engagement analytics will be introduced.

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Social media curation industry is organizing itself to perform better in future and it will enhance the performance of this industry.

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