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Narendra Modi is undoubtedly the most famous politician on social media but is it really an important topic for an article? Certainly it is a very important topic because it give us many insight about the perception and views of population of Cyber world.

We thought to check  Fan base of major politicians have on Social Media platform and data tells us a completely different story.


1.Narendra Modi Official Facebook Page- 4,844,585 likes · 1,188,410 talking about this

Important aspect of Narendra Modi page is the engagement level of the fan on every post is very good or rather very high on every parameters that is likes, comment and shares.

Narendra Modi Twitter account-  2,449,329 followers. Joined 10th Jan 2009

Narendra Modi account engagement with people following him is way ahead of other Political accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Narendra Modi has used social media to create an alternative platform to communicate

2. Gandhi Family on Facebook-

Rahul Gandhi-        Likes-312,614/Talking about this-26,261

Sonia Gandhi-         Likes-77,381/Talking about this-1537. (This page doesn’t exist anymore)

Priyanka Gandhi- Likes-131k/Talking about this-1564. For Priyanka Gandhi we can certainly say that she has a charisma which is clearly visible. Even she is practically invisible from active political scenario, She is almost close to Rahul Gandhi and scores over almost all the active Politician. (This page doesn’t exist anymore)

Engagement level is very good from fans of the Pages of Gandhi family.

There are three other politician to whom we can say that they are pretty famous and very well accepted on social media platform not as well as Narendra Modi or Gandhi family but they are certainly way ahead from their counterparts. These politicians are

Akhilesh Yadav official page- 127,665 likes · 20,616 talking about this. Engagement level low.

Akhilesh Yadav official Facebook page is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. It was extremely active before  2012 legislative assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh. After thumping victory of SP in the 2012 election Akhilesh Yadav official FB page is inactive in comparison of activity before 2012 election.

Mamta Banerjee - Unofficial page but more than 17k fans. This page doesn’t exist anymore. 

Nitish Kumar- There are two unofficial page of Nitish Kumar and both pages combined like more than 1.5 lakh. These two pages belonging to CM of Bihar is extremely active and engagement level is high.

Sushma Swaraj: Sushma Swaraj is another top brass of leader of BJP is highly active on Twitter. She has more than 700k followers on Twitter. In last one Sushma Swaraj has led Political duet with Congress on many issues on Twitter.

Few days back  Arun Jaitely Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, has launched his official Facebook page. No doubt he is late on Facebook but he has started his page on an extremely strong note. 

In the digital world the leaders from India has a very low follower-ship or admiration. On the contrary we can also conclude that they are not net savvy. There are politicians who are more active on twitter mainly because they are followed by all the media and what ever they express certainly get coverage very fast.

Digvijay Singh is one of the best example. His official Twitter  account is very active but numbers of  followers very low if we will consider his stature as a leader. This year in April he has launched his official FB page  . It is evidently clear that he is actively engaging on Twitter to attack Narendra Modi and BJP. His tweets and statement in media has embarrassed Congress many times.

On social media platform Gujarat Chief minister has transformed himself into a powerful brand and universally accepted as a national leader. The engagement level is very high on his Facebook page. In less than one year number of number people liking his page or following him on Twitter has increased by four to five times.

Narendra Modi is accepted on online space withe great reverence even when the ghost of Gujarat Carnegie 2002 is always haunting his reputation on conventional media. The only reason behind it is under his leadership Gujarat has touched new heights in economic development.

The pattern we have noticed is netizens are extremely open to BJP and their leaders. In last one year we have also observed that Aam Aadmi Party and their leader Arvind Kejriwal has been embraced by netizens in India. 

Aam Aadami Party Official Facebook Page data: 356,552 likes · 70,365 talking about this. Official Twitter account of AAP has 14k followers.

Arvind Kejriwal  Official Facebook page: 621,811 likes – 83,148 talking about this. Arvind Kejriwal Twitter account has 600k followers. Newest kid on the Political block is no doubt a big hit.

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From our observation and analyzing the Facts

1. Narendra Modi is the most valuable brand on Facebook.

2. Akhilash Yadav started his social media journey in with great potential. It failed to take off as his Political Career derailed due to his poor performance as  a Chief Minister. Law and Order situation in Uttar Pradesh is messy. UP CM Akhilesh Yadav inefficiency was visible during MuzaffarNagar riots. His inefficiency was criticized across India on every platform of Media.

4. Nitish Kumar will also get immense response from all over India If his official Avatar will appear online. If Nitish Kumar has national ambition then he has to go officially on Social Media. He will receive a huge response. Even after breaking his alliance from BJP and NDA on issue of Narandra Modi being PM of India, there is no sign that he has national ambition.

5. On social media it is impossible to fool audience. For a Political personality it is extremely important that his career should display his achievements as a Politicians. 

6. Social Media Penetration is  very low in India when we compare it with the population of India. Still with such low penetration it has become a great force which every one has recognized.

7. Any one who using  internet is well-educated. Narendra Modi overwhelming acceptance on Social Media is surprising as conventional media has not given him a positive space in last ten years. Young middle class educated Indians has overlooked 2002 Gujarat riots in case of Narendra Modi and embraced him as an administrator, visionary and Leader.

8. Indian Politicians need to be educated and trained when it comes to Internet.

9. It will take some time but in near future  Social Media will be most important platform to build Political brand in India.

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  1. Modiji is liked and revered not for his presumed religious likes or personality. The has charmed the educated class by sheer development of Gujarat he demonstrates leadership by exception

  2. if modi come as pm then chirstian and muslim i die or go another place in world not in india
    modi is not a right person to become pm so som,e another person want to become pm

    • Their is a great difference between a Politician and a celebrity. Politician of any part say anything on any platform is always taken seriously. We can allow a celebrity to be not judged for once but each and every politician should be judged every time they communicate on any platform.

  3. Modi will definitely be PM of India in 2014… there is no doubt about it…whoever wants to leave India they should book flight ticket ASAP otherwise flight ticket will be expensive. lol so Khangressi kutto niklo India se… Go Modi Go….

    • ana I posted this article in mid of 2012 as I remember. At that time Vasundhara Raje was not even present on social media. Her presence has grown in recent months because of the upcoming election in Rajasthan. She is not a force on social media and the main reason behind is you can get followers on Social Media by doing advertising but it requires a long time and hard work so that people in your circle could get engage with you. She has followers but engagement is extremely low.

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