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Who is most Famous Indian Politician on Social Media in India?


Narendra Modi is undoubtedly the most famous politician on social media but is it really an important topic for an article? Certainly it is a very important topic because it give us many insight about the perception and views of population of Cyber world.

We thought to check  Fan base of major politicians have on Social Media platform and data tells us a completely different story.


1.Narendra Modi Official Facebook Page- Likes-459,445/Talking about this-28,157

Important aspect of Narendra Modi page is the engagement level of the fan on every post is very good or rather very high on every parameters that is likes, comment and shares.

Narendra Modi Twitter account- 500k+ followers. Joined 10th Jan 2009

2. Gandhi Family on Facebook-

Rahul Gandhi-        Likes-146k/Talking about this-4002

Sonia Gandhi-         Likes-77,381/Talking about this-1537.

Priyanka Gandhi- Likes-131k/Talking about this-1564. For Priyanka Gandhi we can certainly say that she has a charisma which is clearly visible. Even she is practically invisible from active political scenario, She is almost close to Rahul Gandhi and scores over almost all the active Politician.

Engagement level is very good from fans of the Pages of Gandhi family.

There are three other politician to whom we can say that they are pretty famous and very well accepted on social media platform not as well as Narendra Modi or Gandhi family but they are certainly way ahead from their counterparts. These politicians are

Akhilesh Yadav official page- Like- 58115, Talking about this-4499. Engagement level high.

There is another unofficial page of Akhilesh Yadav having more than 13k Fans.

Mamta Banerjee - Unofficial page but more than 17k fans.

Nitish Kumar- There are two unofficial page of Nitish Kumar and both having fans above 10K.

Sushma Swaraj is another Politician having more than 20k fans on her unofficial page clearly way ahead of Sheila dikshit in social world.

We cannot comment on the engagement level of the unofficial pages because it doesn’t reflect the views of Leader.

In the digital world the leaders from India has a very low follower-ship or admiration. On the contrary we can also conclude that they are not net savvy. There are politicians who are more active on twitter mainly because they are followed by all the media and what ever they express certainly get coverage very fast.

On social media platform Gujarat Chief minister has really made himself a brand and highly accepted as a leader. the engagement level is very high on his Facebook page. On twitter also his follower-ship is very high instead of very low number of Tweets that is only around 1k in three years still having more than half million followers.

Narendra Modi is highly accepted in online space even when the ghost of Gujarat Carnegie 2002 is always haunting his reputation. The only reason behind it is under his leadership Gujarat has touched new heights in economic development.

The members of Gandhi family Facebook page also indicates their image power but in reality it doesn’t represent their true stature as it is presented in media. The recent election of Uttar Pradesh has given an unprecedented media coverage to Gandhi family on print and digital media but the story is different on Social media.

Akhilesh Yadav is a big hit on Facebook. Running on the recent success in UP election, he has been accepted on Facebook with open heart. His leadership style and performance as a chief minister of UP will decide how his brand and image power will evolve on Social Media platforms.

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There are two other leaders Mamta Banerjee CM of West Bengal and Nitish Kumar CM of Bihar are doing very good on Social Media through their unofficial Page. As per our observation Nitish Kumar will be highly accepted on Social Media platform  not only among people from Bihar but throughout India. The brand value of Nitish Kumar is highest among all the chief minister of India because of the way he has turned around the fortune of Bihar.

From our observation and analyzing the Facts

1. Narendra Modi is the most valuable brand on Facebook.

2. If Priyanka Gandhi will enter in active politics she will get an immense response from cyber citizens of India.

3. Akhilash Yadav has started in an extraordinary way. His future performance as a CM will only decide his leadership in Cyber world.

4. Nitish Kumar will also get immense response from all over India If his official Avatar will appear online.

5. Development is the one word which rules. If you have done extraordinary work then you will get immense response otherwise your Facebook  page and twitter account will be like barren field.

6. Social Media Penetration is  very low in India when we compare it with the population of India.

7. Any one who uses net is well-educated and it is clearly visible that how overwhelmingly Narendra Modi is accepted. Your work related to development is accepted.

8. Indian Politicians still need to be Tech and Net Savvy. 

9. It will take some time but we can say that in near future only Social Media will be a major platform for their reputation building in India.

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  1. Satish Kumar says:

    Modiji is liked and revered not for his presumed religious likes or personality. The has charmed the educated class by sheer development of Gujarat he demonstrates leadership by exception

  2. deepak says:

    Very good statistics , here is one more way to do it by voting, http://picspeaks.com/polls/most-popular-politician-in-india

  3. Yoginder says:

    MODI MODI MODI MODI Everywhere. Salute this great person

  4. hemanth says:

    NAMO the next PL

  5. hemanth says:

    NAMO the next PL

  6. hemanth says:

    NAMO the next PL

  7. hemanth says:

    NAMO the next PL

  8. hemanth says:

    NAMO the next PL

  9. hemanth says:

    NAMO the next PL

  10. hemanth says:

    NAMO the next PM

  11. indian says:

    Most favoured PM candidate for election 2014 with clean sweep on the development mantra and not castism.

  12. vinod mishra says:

    india need modification..m_men o_of d_devloping i_india………………namo..namo

  13. sulemaan sayeed says:

    bharat ka ek sher..narendra bhai modi ji

  14. sulemaan sayeed says:

    desh ka neta kaisa hoga narendra modi g ke jaisa hoga…jai ho modiraaj

  15. loknath says:

    modi n only modi

  16. Stunner Rose says:

    if modi come as pm then chirstian and muslim i die or go another place in world not in india
    modi is not a right person to become pm so som,e another person want to become pm

  17. Venkat Nt says:

    Narendra Modi is the best PM….

  18. Venkat Nt says:

    I hope Narendra Modi will become a Next PM..

  19. Om sharma says:

    Fb pe Modi ko 4000000 (40 lacs) likes mile hai. . . Jo kisi gandhi ke bhadwon ko kabhi nai milenge.

  20. Asif says:

    * Why you judge people on liking  in fb , if you look at Aamir kahan he got 8.3 , double to modi.

    • Rai says:

      Their is a great difference between a Politician and a celebrity. Politician of any part say anything on any platform is always taken seriously. We can allow a celebrity to be not judged for once but each and every politician should be judged every time they communicate on any platform.

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