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Pinterest should be prepared because Facebook bought Instagram.


There is one social networking site Pinterest which should be aware of the latest association between Facebook and Instagram.In last seven years internet transformed because following dynamics change.

- Arrival of Smartphone which allowed users to have a completely new experience with imaging.

1.The infrastructure of the telecommunication experienced a vast up-gradation through out world as these companies were ready for the coming deluge of data transfers.

2.Internet was earlier used through personal computers but with the arrival of Smartphone and Tablets a completely new form of internet browsing behavior appeared.

3.Smartphone and Tablets allowed people to share their life instantly through photographs and it acted as a catalyst in transforming internet in to visual rich platform and in near future internet will be more far more visually inclined than text based.

Pinterest beta format was launched in March 2010 and in less than two years Pinterest has 11.1 million unique users as per the comscore data. Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies and more.The best part of Pinterest is that it provides an extraordinary visual and clear experience of photographs of any size, categorization of Boards.

Instagram on the other hand arrived in the app store of Apple on October of 2010 and till date has 16 million downloads. The brand of Instagram has become so strong in last two years that when the Android version of the application was launched few days ago , in less than 24 hours one million applications were downloaded.

Why both are same?- Pinterest is a photo sharing social network while Instagram is a photo sharing application.

Why they are different?-

  • Pinterest is a social networking site while Instagram is a free photo sharing that allows user to take photo,apply a digital filter to it and share on variety of Social Networking service.
  • On one hand Pinterest is a pure networking site Instagram is an application which has a social networking inside it.

Can they compete?- Certainly and this competition will cause both Instagram and Pinterest to alienate and add some of the basic feature of each other. This is a basic assumption we are making on the premise that Facebook has gone for this shopping only to create a competitor for Pinterest.

What is the point on which Pinterest scores?- Pinterest scores particularly on the point that it is a pure web-based social networking website. As an application it is already present in Apple app store as well as on Android. If Pinterest will add any feature like Instagram then certainly it will be beneficial.

When we talk about Instagram it is a smartphone and tablet based application and if they will move to web then it will be a very big move. We have very serious doubt that it will happen but it will be an interesting point for us to see that how Facebook will place it against Pinterest.

On which facts our assumption are based.

Facebook is seriously trying to be the focal point of internet and crushing any competition. One of the basic problem Facebook is facing is that their internal ecosystem design is not allowing them to compete with micro blogging websites like Twitter and Photo sharing social networking like Pinterest.  Facebook by adding subscription facility somehow countering Twitter but when it comes to Pinterest there is no option for them. Facebook has upgraded the user experience of Photo view last month but in reality Facebook can’t compete with Pinterest and the basic reason for this is Pinterest is not competing with Facebook. The design and context of Pinterset design makes it a completly different product. Facebook has the facility of photo viewing and sharing but Pinterest is all about sharing through Photo only. Facebook ecosystem is closed while Pinterest is open.

It is all about the time a user spends on Pinterest and this the place where Facebook wants to strike. Facebook wants to create an alternative for Pinterest. This  job of alternative will be to compete with Pinterest and divide the users of Pinterest.

What Facebook will Gain with this deal?

- Real time consumer behavior understanding when it comes to pictures with sixteen million strong user base.

- A social networking, an iconic brand which will be used globally because of the launch of Android version also.

-The team of Instagram will bring a lot of experience.

-If Facebook is able to create a tough competition for Pinterest, it will safegurad the boundaries of Facebook. As per the blog post the CEO of Instagram and Mark Zuckerberg post , Instagram will not be integrated with Facebook instead it will be developed as a stand alone application. We can certainly see some addition of new features in Instagram in the coming weeks. The interesting point will be how Pinterest will tackle it? What new features Pinterest will add to compete with instagram. is it possible that Pinterest can add the feature of clicking pictures in their applications? Our analogy is based on the premise that Facebook has bought Instagram to place it strategically against Pinterest. We are wrong or write, only time will tell but as we are able to have insights in future because of the present development, we can say that we are right.

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