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Samsung trying to create a new market: Galaxy Note.


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Samsung has already made its mark in the smart phone arena by selling largest number of Smartphones in 2011. Galaxy Tablet is the only Tablet apart from kindle fire from Amazon which has shown competition in a market which is ruled by I-pad. Samsung electronics has come up with a series of Smartphones covering the pyramid of Smartphone customer under the brand name Galaxy.


Samsung has been fairly successful in delivering new models of Smartphone’s at a fast pace than it’s competitors. In late 2011 Samsung came up with a new gadget named Galaxy Note. Samsung wants to create a new market by following middle path between Smartphone and Tablet. How much this product category will be successful and how consumers will take it , only future will tell but Samsung electronics have clearly stated their intentions through Galaxy Note. Samsung electronics co is already a leader in Smartphone category and  wants to place themselves as a technology leader which innovates.

Galaxy Note is the first move towards that goal which manufacturer claim to be neither Smartphone nor Tablet as they have named it Galaxy Note. Even the ad campaigns of Galaxy Note are all about claiming that this is not a Smartphone nor a Tablet but it is Galaxy note. A strange aspect of ads campaign is about educating that how much stylus can be useful for a consumer on Galaxy Note. Here a technology which was made obsolete by Apple has been again brought back by Samsung. Let’s see how consumer react to this.



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