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How Social Media is impacting Movie marketing and its Box Office result?


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Social Media is playing a vital role in deciding the fate of movies from marketing till post release phase. The burgeoning population of Social media has created a huge opportunity for Movie marketers and which they are minting also. It is very important to keep in mind that Social Media can create direct and reverse impact also. Particularly there are three phase in which Social Media is impacting any Movie.

Marketing phase: Social media has become the first target to start the marketing campaign of any movie. It will be interesting to analyze a recent marketing campaign.

Yash Raj Films uploaded the theatrical trailer of Ishaqzaade on 14th march on YouTube and it created a quality level news and authentic marketing for Ishaqzaade . By YouTube standards we can’t say that theatrical trailer statistics is a hit but certainly it has created enough momentum.

Hindustan Times cover the theatrical trailer release of this film on YouTube as a hit on twitter. Isahqzaade theatrical trailer release was also cover by the NDTV, rediff.com and many other blogs related to bollywood and lifestyle like businessofcinema.com, idiva.com..

The theatrical trailer release has already created a list of audience which will be used to market the movie till release. We can always expect a very level of action in the last fifteen or twenty days before release.

The result produced through theatrical trailer release on YouTube

* Created a buzz and curiosity. Already more than one hundred fifty thousand views in Six days.

*Generated engagement on youtube, facebook, twitter and dissemination of information on all this social media platform.

*Created news in the mainstream media, which acts as a authenticated source for the audience.

To create such an impact through social media a strong network is required in every section of media to create a 360 degree impact.

Reviews: One of the biggest impact which social media has on box-office result of any movie is it has decreased the shelf life of every average or bad movie. The short or raw reviews which people update on their profile create a great impact in the community of that user. People update about their views about the movie while they are watching the movie on Facebook and Twitter. The short or raw review  is certainly not technical like movie critics but has a very high credibility because it is directly originating from the consumer ends. The basic characteristics of these review which make the far more valuable than the critical review.

* The review is mostly real time.

* Review acts as a reliable of source of reference in the community of the person who has posted his review.

* It is not a technical but it is about the experiences of the viewer about that movie.

Social media has created one rule for movie makers that don’t expect to sell any bad movie to consumer. The days of bad movies we can say are certainly dying. Now we can clearly say that in the coming years when social media penetration percentage will rise the standards of movie making will rise.

Reverse impact: There are number of very good movies made on very stringent budget and they didn’t have a high budget or any budget for marketing. These movies completely rely on the word of mouth reference. For these movies Social media has started playing a role of blessing. A very recent movie which received an extraordinary review from audience on social media is Paan Singh Tomar. The review which this movie received on Social Media platform has certainly added more life to its Shelf life in theaters.

Social media is already playing a great role in deciding the fate of movies. As we are observing the development, in the coming years as the penetration of internet, Smartphone will grow the dynamics of movie marketing will see a paradigm shift.


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