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Most Famous IPL5 team on Social Media Block


Fever of IPL5 is already catching and last few games has been really tight. Nine teams are in race and 27th may will decide that which team will be the champion of IPL5. We thought let’s have a look on the performance of IPL5 teams on social media block.

In India three major networking sites  is preferably used by people:

1. Facebook.

2. Twitter.

3. YouTube.

Statistics of the nine IPL5  Teams on these three platform

Mumbai Indians- Mumbai Indian is a certain winner on Facebook but certainly lost the race as per statistics on Twitter and YouTube.

Mumbai Indians have won the race on Facebook because of the following reason

1.  Mumbai, with 14.3 million users –  and 6.2 million active – as of March 2011 has the highest number of Internet users.

2. Sachin Tendulkar being in the team is certainly a big boost for the Mumbai Indian as a brand. Sachin Tendulkar is ubiquitous in India. The most important aspect of Sachin as a brand is he is beyond any region in India. His brand power is clearly visible in the Facebook statistics of Mumbai Indians. Mumbai Indian is ahead of Chennai Super Kings more than two times.

3. No doubt that without winning any IPL championship in last five seasons, the above two factors has certainly helped Mumbai Indians.

4. Mumbai Indians should be considered as a winner on Twitter also because the statistics are of Kolkatta Knight Riders are clearly inflated because of the brand power of Mega star of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan who is very active on Twitter.

Chennai Super King:

The statistics of Chennai Super King are very grounded and refelcts their performance. We can certainly say that it reflects their true brand power. If I have to consider a winner keeping all the factors in consideration then Chennai Super King is the winner on social media block.

1. In last four IPl season Chennai super king has reached in final three times and won two times.

2. The internet user statistics of Chennai is 2.2 million claimed users and 1.9 millions active users.

3. No doubt that the brand power of M.S Dhoni the captain of Indian cricket team and also heading Chennai super king has helped to increase  the brand power. Still we think that the performance and emerging as a champion in two IPL seasons are the only reason for this brand. The statistics are very grounded and it reflect the brand power of  Chennai super king.

Kolkatta Night Riders: KKR  is sincerely running on the shoulders of brand know as Shahrukh Khan. Just like Sachin Tendulakr, Shahrukh Khan is also a brand accepted through out India. The only difference is he is an actor and Sachin is a cricketer. Kolkata Knight Riders performance in last four IPL season was not impressive still they are on third place. It clearly indicates their  brand is overly inflated just because of Sharukh Khan.

What other inferences we can get from the statistics:

1. All the IPL5 teams have done really very bad marketing of their team on social media.

2. Potential of YouTube has literally been not used by any Team.

2. The state of  internet in terms of active users and penetration is literally not impressive in India. There are 45 million people on Facebook still total number of Fans for combined Facebook pages of all teams is only around 6 million and it is said that “Cricket is a religion in India”. On Twitter it is far more pathetic. It clearly states that penetration of Twitter is also very low in India.

3. The worst performing team on social media from IPL5 is Kings X1 Punjab. Their statistics also reflect their performance. They should really innovate some marketing strategies which will raise their statistics and on field their performance should improve.

4. At last I will say that all the IPL teams have not marketed their teams in Indian Social media enough or have not put the effort which is required. There is a lot more scope available.

As per statistics no doubt that Mumbai Indian is naturally the most famous IPL5 team on social media but considering many other factors, Chennai Super king is the  team from IPL5 which reflects its true brand power based on its previous performance.

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