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Time cover an embarrassment for Indian Governement


Time Cover page sets the tone of their each issue and the latest Asian edition of Time magazine has hit the Prime Minister of India very hard. The cover page is almost an embarrassment for Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh himself. The cover page is directly claiming ” The Underachiever”. Manmohan Singh under the leadership of PM Narshighma Rao opened Indian economy and transformed it in to a more capitalistic economy from socialist.

He is the same man who is the leader of the most corrupt government India ever has. The most unacceptable premise is the man who was presented to India as the most honest leader has rarely spoke or used his status as PM to invoke any hard decision. One of his most famous quotation “I don’t have any magical wand” when ever he was asked about the prevailing corruption in government.

Indian Media has always played the role of safeguarding the government interest than of Indians. If we will start digging the achievements of Indian Government in terms the extravagant scams, arrogance, inflation and complete surrender to state of anarchy. It is sad to say see that it is being reported by a US based media house instead of an India.

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