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Times of India Verses The Hindu

The Hindu has directly locked horns with Times of India by launching an ad campaign in digital and print almost directly targeting Times of India. TOI Chennai edition started by running  a ad campaign on digital media and print on the home turf of The Hindu. TOI is a media power house and south is the last frontier for TOI in India. In 2008  April TOI entered Chennai where The Hindu is head quartered. The Hindu is third largest English newspaper in terms of circulation in India and more than seventy percent of the circulation come from the southern states. TOI ad campaign which shows a town which is almost sleepy, lacks enthusiasm and action for events which is normally in India full of noise and action. A man is shown in the ad which is sleeping in the midst of all these happening and carrying a newspaper which symbolizes The Hindu”.  There are two messages in the ad one which ask a question that ” STUCK WITH NEWS THAT PUTS YOU TO SLEEP?” and in last ” WAKE UP TO THE TIMES OF INDIA”. These messages are in capital letters which clearly shows that Times is yelling and want attention of the readers for this message. We think that Times Group is a giant in Indian Media Sector leading almost all the formats of media which is digital, print and online. Times does not need an advertisement campaign which directly target The Hindu and that is on their home turf and The Hindu answered this scathing attack in a very creative way which is directly targeting Times group.


The Hindu: Three digital ad campaigns on same story line.



The Hindu responded very well and came up with a creative and engaging ad ad with same message on digital and print. In digital ad campaign they are asking very simple general awareness question and people are not able to answer or the answer is pathetically wrong . In one question a participant in the ad answer the successor of Rata Tata is Mukesh Ambani.  When same people are asked question related to Bollywood every one has got the right answer. At last a question is asked to every participant that which newspaper do you read and in answer you will here a beep sound.Three digital ads, same story-line but genre of the characters in the ads are different in terms of their profession like student, professional and general public but  all the participant in the ad are young. The message of the ad is ” Stay ahead of times” . The ad is creative, funny, able to engage the audience.

The Hindu which is generally considered to be very conservative in its approach towards business of journalism has surprised many through its aggressive response which clearly shows the change in leadership and it is seemingly possible that Times Of India has awakened this sleeping south giant of print media. It may be we can see a very strategic change in the approach of The Hindu towards the news business and they will start looking for their share in north also. Competition has always proved very good for any business and it always end up benefiting customers.

Print ad of  Times Of India and The Hindu.


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At last we would like to say that no doubt that Times gives more than necessary coverage to Bollywood but as a newspaper they have also done extraordinary journalism in last few years and they have particularly taken up corruption very seriously and cause very serious damage to central government by bringing truth out or following a story till it has not come to a result. We would like to see extraordinary news from both media group.

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