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Companies are listening to you on Twitter



Your one hundred and forty characters on twitters are very important for companies and Companies are listening to your tweet’s on twitter very carefully. I have used data from from my personal Twitter account only. The quantity of data is not heavy but certainly it tells us a lot about  the quality or seriousness through which companies are listening twitter.

1- Tweet about an outdoor ad of IBM cloud computing on 8 Feb 2012

Received a reply from IBM cloud computing in few hours on same date.

2- Tweet about icici bank facebook application.

Received reply from ICICI bank in two days.

3-Tweet about Samsung Galaxy Pro

Samsung Galaxy pro account re-tweeted the tweet.

4: Tweet about Go Daddy

Received a reply from HostGator

None of the above tweets were send to see the reaction. I normally tweet and all of them are just an expression at a point of time. certainly over a period of time the reply which I received generated an interest in me to write something about it.

Companies are listening to Twitter for the following reason.

Educating and Engagement: Twitter is a platform where any company can directly engage and educate the user about any its services and product. IBM Cloud computing has literally replied to me directly saying here  here is a video that explain’s how IBM cloud computing is helping to sell fish seventy percent faster. The video literally helped me to know at-least in a layman terms.

*It also indicate the level of seriousness through which IBM cloud computing is listening to Twitter. I am not even their potential client

which they also know but they engaged with me. I am pretty sure that IBM cloud computing is also generating quality sales leads also.

There are many companies who are using Twitter

Sales Lead: Twitter is a very important for business to generate potential sales leads. I Tweeted about my bad experience with

Go Daddy and HostGator was quick enough to pick my Tweet as a potential sales lead. By concentrating on the keywords companies are using Twitter to find business.

Marketing and Branding: Any company should comprehend the dynamics of Twitter very carefully before using it for the purpose of marketing and branding. Twitter is a great opportunity for B to C business if handled very carefully and in a committed way.

Every company should Follow few basic rules while venturing in to Twitter.

1- Be patient.

2- Listen very carefully and engage exactly on the point you have listened. Your result will directly depend on how carefully a company is listening on twitter.

3- Be vulnerable, don’t try to defend and  again Listen very carefully.

For every company Listening Twitter very carefully and then engaging will open ample opportunity

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  1. Jim Traister says:

    Nice job explaining with examples of how brands are utilizing twitter! 

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