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God Particle Higgs Boson is a Smash Hit on Twitter

Today CERN ( The European Organization for Nuclear Research) has announced a historic discovery in the field of Physics. A new particle consistent with the properties of Higgs Boson has been observed. In last two years penetration of internet has increased immensely and it is now used by companies and scientific institution to make any announcement globally. The announcement of the finding of Higgs Boson particle has been webaired globally.

The hashtags related to this major scientific announcements is a smash hit on Twitter and  trending worldwide. Higgs, God Particle, CERN are trending on Twitter. In Europe Higgs is trending at top while writing this article in Germany, UK, Spain, France and Sweden. In India God particle is trending at top.

People have Tweeted really smart Tweets related to the subject. We are bring the top Tweets related to this hashtags.

God Particle:



Higgs Boson particle discovery is and important step towards understanding Universe. Higgs Boson was the door which was locked since last 50 years and unlocking this door has opened new avenues in the world of Physics.

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