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Indian express news four keywords is trending on Twitter

An Indian express news is trending in Indian region on Twitter. Today Indian express published a news with a subtle reference of coup about an incident which happened on 16-17 January of this year. This news is making waves on Twitter in India. Four hash-tags related to this news are among top ten trending keywords. Following Hash-tags which is in belongs to this Indian Express news. 

1-Shekhar Gupta

2-Indian Express


4-Raisina Hill

These keywords are trending among top ten hashtags in all the metropolitan cities of India which are Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore. In all of these towns two of these key words are in top five while writing this post and in Bangalore and Delhi top 2 slots belongs to this news. It happens very rare that four keywords from a single news make such an impact through out country.  

What are the reflection of the tweets!

(1) General reflections: It is a story to expose Army and General V.k Singh not seen by readers as a story to be believed. Since last many month there is an air of tension between army General and central government of India. It makes a good story and certainly has made the impact through out India but in terms of credibility of story Indian express scores very poor. 

(2)  People didn’t believed it. There can be many reason for this but after going through many tweets we can point out few interesting thing.

    – These tweets reflects that Indian Democracy fundamentals are very strong and people don’t even think that an incident like  coup attempt could have happened. It is a very good sign.

   - It also reflects the belief of people on Indian army. In the tweets central government and newspaper which has published this news are criticized but nothing against Indian Army. Faith in the institution like army in an extremely positive way is very interesting. 

  – Indian express and Mr Shekhar Gupta has been criticized heavily for publishing this story.

  We will keep an eye on this trend and if we will find any interesting development we will certainly update you.

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