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Mary Kom: trending on Twitter


Mary Kom has qualified for London Olympics 2012 for boxing 51 Kg category and she is the first women from India who has qualified for Boxing. Why are we reporting about it? We think of two possible reason for writing this article.

Mary Kom is trending on Twitter and it is not normal. A country which is at least portrayed as obsessed with Cricket, Bollywood, a Boxing women player is trending on Twitter. This trend allows us to have an insight about the thoughts of Indians on sports.

Through out day today nonsensical news were trending on Twitter but the time it was reported that she has qualified for the London Olympics 2012 she started trending on Twitter.

1.We have observed that trends on Twitter depends directly on the quality and importance of news reported on the conventional media. Any news which is important for general public and a response is required people take part in the trend to make it more trending. Indian Media didn’t have any importance of a sports person who has qualified for Olympics.

2. The marketing fund of Indian Olympic association is like as if there is no fund. Forget about the fund, there is no concept of marketing and branding for any sport other than cricket.

3. Mary Kom a five time world champion, mother of two has qualified for London Olympics 2012.

4. The trend also point out towards the degrading brand of Cricket in India.



Mari Kom trending on Twitter has raised some serious questions and in coming days we will certainly try to come up with answers. We are also happy about her achievement that’s why we are writing about it.

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