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#Mumbai and #autostrike trending On Twitter

#Mumbai and #Autostrike is trending on Twitter and main reason behind this trend is the Autos strike in Mumbai. Twitter has again proved its utility as a powerful tool for real-time important information and feedback in a particular geographic location. Today auto ricksahw strike in Mumbai can be considered as very striking example of how Twitter can benefit people on daily basis. As this time in morning is also the commuting time for office goers, Twitter users are expressing their views on Twitter.

We have gone through almost all the hash-tags under #Mumbai and #autostrike. We can conclude by going through tweets:

1. Autos strike is a success. As many tweets have confirmed that roads are empty.

2.Twitter users have also reported that due to a problem at wadala station and all the trains in the Harbor line has been cancelled or disrupted. One news is confirmed and that is trains in Harbor line are running certainly very late.That is a very important news for people residing On Harbor line.

3. BEST the bus service of Mumbai is certainly not capable of fulfilling the commuting requirements of Mumbaikars in the absence of Auto.

4. In last few months Autos strike has become a frequent and it is  causing serious problem for commuters.

5. Some Twitter users are trying to find lift through Twitter.

6. Cab services are promoting their services on these two hashtags #Mumbai and #autostrike. A perfect example of real time marketing.

8. Main source of traffic in Mumbai is Auto as per many Twitter users.

7. At-least Twitter users didn’t have high hopes and neither they are great fan of Mumbai auto services and many of them are venting their angers on auto union through Twitter.

8. Summer is also causing a big problem for commuters and it is a great drive for all those people who travel on their own vehicle.

9. Mumbai commuters are facing serious problem because of this strike and they expressing their anger against Sharad Rao also. It is an extraordinary point that government allowed this strike even by knowing that it will affect the smooth flow of commuters and they have no backup plan.

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