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Petrol Price hike Rs 7.50/litre: Indians outcrying on Twitter




Indian Government hiked the price of petrol by Rs 7.5o/Litre the highest single hike ever in the history of India. Rs 7.50 hike will cost UPA Government the upcoming election in 2014 or not but it is impossible to assimilate historical hike in the prices of Petrol.

The announcement of price hike just 24 hrs after the end of parliament session because Government never wanted opposition and its allies to together. Indians outcrying on Twitter.

Five trends out of Ten belongs to this news. IPL match is going on and we think that after IPL match ten out of ten trends will belong to this news. The hashtags related to the news of Petrol hike is #Petrol, Aam Adami, LPG, UPA and the killing Rs 7.50 which Indians will remember for long. The latest hike will hit the Indian public hard. Normally we try to find a conclusion through Twitter. Our conclusion is Shout loudly.

If you want to know the outcry then please visit a petrol pump, vegetable market or Twitter.



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