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Indian’s habituated to live in crisis: Shows frustration on Twitter

I don’t want to believe it but I think that more than one billion population of this country has lost the hope from their Political brass and leaders. There is only one hope I can see that even in the most frustrating moment Indians have not left humor. Yesterday was a bad day for India in many sense as Indian’s faced the worst power crisis of all time. The worst part is in just two day it has happened twice and the latest has left 670 million people without power.

One of the best places to gauge the views and mood of Public is Twitter.  Between all these crisis Sushil Kumar Shinde who was power minister of India was promoted as a Home Minister of India. Manish Tewari Congress spokesperson made an outrageously ridiculous comment “No Power crisis in India“. There is a sense of utter disgust any one can get from the Tweets on any issues from Corruption to Power crisis.

VVIPS are in Delhi were assured 100 MW of power while Metro and thousand of people in Delhi were stranded. Indian government has a whole layer of VIPs, VVIPs and the list goes on. The new caste system of India is VIPs, VVIPs and the discrimination is clearly visible. VVIPS became one of the mocking issue on Twitter. Veerapa Moily who belongs to the caste of VVIPs just after arriving has made a sarcastic comment while talking to a channel. The comment was “People need to manage Power better”. 


Manish Tewari has become the point of joke on Twitter. It is not his first time going overboard and making some ridiculous statement. My personal point about Manish Tewari is he is an extremely smart guy who is constantly going overboard to make some outrageous statement  to deflect the attention of media from core issue to his statement. When ever I watch his statement claiming “Anna Hazare is corrupt” it is clear that he did his best and spoke the whole statement as a dialogue to make the maximum impact. When you apply the same strategy to distract media then it doesn’t work.


The whole logic of making Sushi Kumar Shinde as Home Minister of India from being a power minister is incomprehensible. When a country is facing the worst Power crisis in a decade which has left 670 million people without any power the Power Minister of India is being changed. Instead of leading from front Sushil Kumar Shinde went on to become the Home Minster. Veerapa Moily is now handling Power ministry. The whole decision of changing portfolio is a gambit for congress to safeguard the government and the Power Minister from opposition and media. Now the minister who was leading Power Ministry is not in lead so there will be no demand for resignation. Except this I could not think of any other logic. Still Sushil Kumar Shinde is one of the targets of Indian on Twitter. Indians on Twitter doesn’t forgive anyone.

Many prominent personality and media person also tweeted on this issue.

Bhupendra Chaubey from CNN IBN tweeted and took a light dig on UPA

Sagrika Ghose the legend who coined the term Internet Hindu tweeted

Barkha Dutt Editor of NDTV Tweeted

Narendra Modi Tweeted and it became a source of news also for media.

Pritish Nandy Tweeted

We Indian have become hopeless toward the government we are humorous. The Political brass of India is basking in the glory of Power and reflecting the arrogance of the glory.

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