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Twitter is evolving in to an extremely powerful tool. It happens rarely that in the presence of the mighty Goliath like Facebook and Google, a concept like Twitter is expanding and evolving. Twitter is a very rare concept in the present world of internet when every website and social media is inclining towards a better visual experience, Twitter is focused on one hundred forty characters and making huge real-time impact. The impact of Twitter is not only restricted to driving business and traffic but it’s impact has gone far ahead than driving business. Twitter is impacting delivery of news, politics, interaction of the celebrities and big politicians with normal person, societies and views on daily basis on a particular subject  globally as well as locally.

Internal ecosystem of Twitter- Internal ecosystem of  Twitter is straight, open and heavily concentrated on Real-time. Whenever you will land on the log in page of Twitter you will see the following message.

Welcome to Twitter

Find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about.

There are three bold words above they have played a great role in defining what Twitter is now. Twitter is by default an open ecosystem in which all the required feature of Privacy is applied but if you are on Twitter with an inclination towards privacy then we don’t think that it will be of any use to you.



Power of being open- Twitter is a straight flow of information. Every feature of Twitter is in a straight track. On the right side of, the information is flowing and on the left side information about  you  and the trending hash-tags in your region. For any user it is very easy to keep a track of all the tweets which is flowing and trends which is going on. 

We are not sure that Twitter invented this open ecosystem in which a user can follow any one but we are extremely sure that Twitter should be given the credit as the open environment is easily acceptable in the world of social media. Facebook which has a closed ecosystem of a like a small community also followed the path of Twitter and added the subscription facility. Today you can subscribe to any one on Facebook. Today famous social networking sites like Pinterest and Google+ also follow the same concept. The facility of privacy is available which a user can set as per his preference but Twitter completely revolutionized the way information is being share by two unknown users. We can say that Twitter forced many websites to review their strategy on the flow of information.

Power of One hundred Forty Characters: The limitation of characters has become the biggest boon for Twitter. It is very important to note that when internet is inclining towards more and more visual experience, Twitter one hundred and forty characters has been embraced with both hand in the fast and chaotic life of users. It is easy for a user to glance any tweet, reply it or retweet

Power of Right Now: Twitter is all about real-time information. When we say real-time information flow on twitter we, mean that what is happening now. It is all about sharing real-time.  We can say that a unique way of real-time  information sharing behavior has been developed in the users of Twitter. Right now sharing has become the basis of breaking news. We would like to specifically say that twitter has

As per Twitter official blog Twitter which has more than 140 million active users and 350 million tweets daily. Now the 140 million users are like 140 characters journalist distributed throughout world and sharing small news of their life, surrounding and society. Some of these news are becoming breaking news.

A Twitter user from Pakistan @ReallyVirtual in Pakistan actually reported the news of the encounter of the world famous notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

A Twitter user in US clicked the picture of satellite  flying towards orbit from her aircraft windows.

celebrities through out world are far more actively involved on Twitter than any other social media.

-In a recent incident earthquake struck Sumatra and Twitter was full of tweets from Indonesian users about the earthquake in Sumatra area. People from Sumatra only were updating about the latest development with tweets, pictures and videos.

Twitter is also acting as a source sending one liner announcement by companies and famous business magnets attached with a  link for media. Companies and business magnets are using their account to make announcements of the latest development. News houses have now a whole set up of team who keep an eye on almost all the account which is important to them. We can say that Twitter accounts are  authentic source of news generation.

People(Politicians, Celebrities, business magnets, Innovators and big shot entrepreneurs are followed by all the news agencies.

-Real Time marketing Twitter is being used by entertainment industry to create real-time marketing. For any movie it is very important to create a momentum in their first few days and every with enough movie budget are concentrating a lot on the first few days to create conversation and engage twitter users in the conversation. Basic target is to appear as a trending news and once they appear in the trending section it will naturally become a conversation. As we have seen marketers are working really hard to create  that real-time conversation.

A positive review by original Twitter users on Twitter is helping a lot in the raising the box office collections of a movie.

Twitter is also used by news publishing agencies, online media agency and bloggers to market their latest content.

- Which news has made an impact- From twitter we can clearly figure out that which news has made an impact, which news has been completely rejected and views of users about a particular incident from a geographic region or a country. Twitter is also becoming a feedback platform for Media where a general user is expressing his or her views on a particular news and is there any news which has made any impact or not.

Recently there was a news published by Indian Express a leading English daily of India about an Incident having a subtle note of a coup attempt by Indian Army. The news was rejected on twitter and people from every walk of on Twitter participated in that conversation. The editor of the Indian Express shekhar Gupta was trending on Twitter  India for three days. Twitter clearly has the power to represent the expression of general public on a particular news or policies.

Creating consensus- Twitter is also evolving as a platform where a conversation and consensus can be achieved on a particular point of debate.

Few weeks back Shekhar Kapoor a creative genius from India  started a conversation among his followers with a hashtag #adswedon’tbuy and it became a certain hit. Twitter users came out in express their views. It was a conversation in which people blasted ad-agencies and companies. What I am pointing out that Twitter open ecosystem and limited ability to express yourself is its biggest strength.

We will be able to see the real power of  Twitter once Twitter will make a viable presence in almost all the major countries in the world with high level penetration in the internet user percentage. The vigilante of this tools are its users. It is shaped and evolved by its users only. If Internet is the tool which has made Earth in to small village then Twitter is tool  which has created a model in which any one can connect and communicate with everyone.

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