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Simpler Search: Twitter is Focusing on user experience

Twitter search is now more simpler with the addition of search auto-complete and people you follow at twitter.com. Related query addition, spelling correction and more relevant search result will allow user to reach to the result as fast as possible.

Search auto complete: Any query by user will produce a drop-down list and user can choose their query from drop down list. It works better if a user is searching for hashtags. Picture below will clarify the  improvements. This drop down list is like Google drop down list. The search result will produce the most relevant results in form of Tweets, articles and accounts.

Spelling will be corrected automatically.

Twitter will also provide related suggestion. As Twitter user use many terms for a particular conversation, Twitter will suggest the terms where the conversation is happening.

When a Twitter user will search with a real name then Twitter will show the account name as well as user name.

When a Twitter user will visit any hashtags or trends he will be able to see the the tweet’s of the people you follow.

Now Twitter is available in two more languages which is Catalan and Ukrainian. Catalan language is  primarily spoken in Spain and south America as well as US. Now Twitter supports 30 language.

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