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The Avengers -review by Twitter users

The Avengers: Action, intelligent comedy, amazing Scenes, ensemble of Superheroes. Every element is there which makes this movie far more than worth watchable.

There is one movie out there in the theaters ”The Avengers” about which whole world is talking. We really want to help our readers to make best choices about watching The movie The Avengers or not.

We have analyzed thousands of Tweets on hash-tags #Avengers, The Avengers. We have consistently found that when thousand’s of original 140 characters view’s about a particular subject provide us a clear picture about many aspects of a movie.

1. The Avengers has created a great amount of curiosity on Twitter worldwide.

2. Those who have watched Avengers have really loved it. Many Tweets claiming will watch it again.

3. The movie is particularly trending in many countries of North America and South America. On nine regions of Twitter worldwide The Avenger is trending and India one of the anti-character Loki is trending and we are pretty sure that The Avenger will also start trending by evening.

4. The Avengers is a movie of super heroes out their to save earth from Noki but as we have seen in many Tweets, the movie has a touch of Fun, intelligent comedy and ego clashes.  

5. We can sum up of all the Tweets which we have analyzed as “The Avengers: a brilliant movie, would love to see again”.

5. Words like awesome, epic, great brilliant, best movie of the year are part of almost all the tweets and there many tweeters users saying that it appears as they are the only one on Twitter who have not seen the The Avengers.

6. The  trend is clearly sign that The Avengers has hit the bull’s eye particularly with the young generation through out world.

7. As we have watched the trend the movie is a blockbuster and even in India on Friday it is rare that a Hollywood movie will surpass a new release movie of Bollywood but The Avengers did. No doubt that there was no serious competition but The Avenger is the first choice of movie lovers in India,

8. We have analyzed thousands of tweets and we can say that The Avengers is not only worth watching but a movie you should not miss. If you love superheroes movies then certainly you know that you will not miss The Avengers but for others also we can insure you that watching The Avengers will be full of excitement and fun.

Some of the interesting Tweets:

You will certainly love this scene about which This Tweeter user is Tweeting and you will remember it for a long time.

There are thousands of tweets in praise of The Avengers as you have read above.


The movie is not released in USA and it has already become a worldwide blockbuster. 

Information about The Avengers Cast and Crew:


Nick Fury-Samuel Jackson

Thor-Chris Hemsworth

Steve Rogers/Captain America- Chris Evans

Dr Bruce Banner/ Hulk- Mark Ruffalo

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow- Sacrlet Johnson

Clint Barton/Hawkeye-Jeremy Renner

Loki- Tom Hiddelston

Tony Stark/IronMan-Robert Downey Junior

Joss Whedon has wrote and directed The Avengers. He has also co-wrote the Cabin in the wood.

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  1. Zack Mandell says:

    I like to see the non-critic reviews. Glad to see so many loved the movie. I’m going to go see it tomorrow.

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