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Twitter has also released Transparency Reports


Twitter has released Transparency reports on 2nd July. Twitter inspired by Google choose 2nd July two day before the independence day to release their Transparency report. Twitter has said

“Wednesday marks Independence Day here in the United States. Beyond the fireworks and barbecue, July 4th serves as an important reminder of the need to hold governments accountable, especially on behalf of those who may not have a chance to do so themselves”

Twitter primary goal to release this report is

Government request received for user information.

Government request received to withhold content.

DMCA take-down notices received from copyright holders.

Twitter policy is to inform a Twitter user about the information request about his account. Twitter follow this guideline unless Twitter is prhibited by law. The policy of Twitter is to involve all parties.

Have a look on the data which is released by Twitter

Twitter has received more government request than whole of 2011. Twitter will also published the updated data twice a year. Twitter has also found a way to empower the web community by keeping an eye on whether Twitter can be accessed by the user around the world or not. To make it possible Twitter has partnered with herdict.org to achieve the empowerment of Twitter users.

Herdict uses crowd-sourcing to learn about and present a real time view of the experience of users around the globe. Certainly the partnership of Herdict is an important step twitter has taken towards open net.

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