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Twitter went on to become intelligent: offers tailored suggestions


Twitter is working very hard to provide the best product experience. The latest addition in making the Twitter user experience is focused on the person who are have just signed for Twitter. Daily hundred of thousands of new user are joining Twitter and when they sign in For Twitter for first time Twitter offers them to follow people. This particular suggestion which is normally made by Twitter is not based on intelligence.

As twitter has pointed out in their official blog any Individual which comes to Twitter every one is shown the same option to follow. There are two bad experience a user can have:

1. It is like Twitter is forcing them to follow a few accounts which a very large number of users don’t want to follow.

2. Some times it is irritating.

Twitter has come up with an excellent solution to give extraordinary experience to user’s “Individual suggestion to Individual users”.

As per the post on Twitter, Twitter is starting an experiment in different countries in world. To see these result a Twitter user has to be a part of this experiment. Twitter will suggest Twitter user the number account they should follow.



Current Twitter users will also see suggestion like who to Follow. It will look like following picture.


if a current user want to have this feature in their account then they can visit the preview page of Twitter and turn on this feature. How Twitter is able to make these tailored suggestions. As per the post on Twitter,

1. The tailored suggestion which Twitter is able to offer because of the accounts which is followed by other Twitter users and website they have visited. Twitter receives visitor information from the websites which has integrated Twitter button on their websites.

2. It is very simple to offer you tailored suggestion Twitter needs to tack the data of the Twitter users. Any one who doesn’t want that their data should be tracked they need to enabled DNT in their browsers. If DNT is enabled in a browser then Twitter will not collect the information from browsers which is needed for this features. At least Twitter has been very open on their blog that how they are going to provide this tailored suggestion. At last it depend on the choice of people that they want Twitter to track them through their browser or not.

If any Twitter users want to Enable DNT feature then they need to visit this site. DNT is a universal Do Not Tracking opt out. AT present chrome does not support Do Not Tracking except that the other three major browsers Internet explorers, Firefox and Safari support DNT. The time you will visit the website of DNT you will get a message on the home page that DNT is enabled on the website or not.

Atlast it depend on the users that they want personalized individual experience or not.

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