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Twitter will rule and dominate London Olympics 2012.

Olympics 2012 will start from 27th July and till 12th August every countries and mainstream media through out world will keep 24 hour watch on this Global event. Players will rule and dominate Olympics. There is an entity which doesn’t belong to any country and will not take part in any Games in London 2012 still this entity will rule London Olympics. The entity is Twitter and we are sure that Twitter will not only rule but also dominate London Olympics. Facebook and Google+ and other close competitor from social media will not be able to even come close to Twitter.

The basic question is why Twitter will rule and dominate London Olympics 2012? even in the presence of Goliath like Facebook and Google. Twitter was also present during Beijing Olympics but why Twitter didn’t ruled then. Lets answer this First.

There is a great difference between the scenario in 2008 and 2012. 

1. In 2008 Twitter has only 1.2 million active users worldwide while in 2012 Twitter has 140 million active users.

2. In china Twitter was never famous and since June 9 2009 Twitter is blocked in China.

3. There is tremendous difference between the Smartphone users in world in 2008 and in 2012.

4. The present infrastructure of telecommunication in the world is prepared for this deluge of the data.

2008 Beijing Olympics was a Global event but Twitter was not ready to make the impact during those days. Twitter was such a unique concept based on the universal 140 characters (SMS) and it took its own time to be what Twitter is today. Somewhere the founders of Twitter would have never thought that Twitter will transform itself  into such a powerful tool.

We can say that London Olympics 2012 is the first Global event in the life time of Twitter where Twitter will get a chance to show its true power to the whole world at same time. London Olympics will play a great role in boosting and establishing the status of Twitter a

Why Twitter will rule and dominate London Olympics 2012?

1. There are 26 sports and thirty nine discipline in Olympics. Only Twitter has that dynamics in its ecosystem that  London Olympics  can updates status and result in real-time and it will reach to the target media and audience directly.


If you will see the picture below London Olympics official Twitter account has more than thirty four account for different discipline. It is an extremely smart step which London Olympics has taken and the major reason behind this step is the Twitter internal ecosystem.

Everything in twitter is divided in to two tracks. One track deals with the flow of real-time information and second track deals with the static information. The basic nature of Twitter is real-time or right now and it is open. Only Twitter as a tool has the ability to deliver the news related to different discipline around the globe to the right audience in real-time.

Fictitious Case study: Consider Germany is participating in Fifteen sports and Twenty one discipline. A very large number audience need the latest information of the events in which their country is participating. So they can follow all the accounts related to the sports and discipline in which their country is participating  and they will receive the news directly.

Media from Germany can also focus on the account which is related to them. Real time information without chaos will be delivered directly.

In London Olympics 2012, when the event will start Twitter will play a great role in delivering the news systematically to concerned audience and media in the geographical area that matters in real-time. Facebook and Google+  can’t do this because they are not made to do this.

Twitter as a platform is ready and evolved to break news to the world than any one else. Twitter has already proved itself as the best platform when it comes to news on following parameters

1. Breaking the news real-time.

2. Spreading the news-real time.

3.Creating the conversation also in real time on the news-real time.

4. Amazing pictures of performance will be shared on twitter.

Google+ is far more open than Facebook and somewhere Google + trying to create a middle way between Twitter and Facebook but the focus which Twitter has shown in terms of product and services is its biggest advantage. The best definition of Twitter can be there 140 million journalist out there in the world who write their news in 140 characters. These 140 millions are also the ones who market the news and consume it also. Facebook and Google+ will also play their role but the central character

In Olympic Twitter will not be used by Olympic management but also by the people who are participating as an audience and athletes (People who will work there are not allowed to use social media during their shift) . They will also use Twitter as a tool to break the news. London Olympics is also the first Global event in which Twitter is participating and every one will concentrate on this extraordinary platform. During London Olympics 2012 Twitter will first time get an opportunity to make a Global imprint of its power. Certainly Facebook and Google+ are watching.

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