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Twitter users rejects Rahul Gandhi claim


Rahul Gandhi Says “I am a Brahmin”- Indians on


Twitter said No. 

Twitter users in India has Rejected Rahul Gandhi claim that “I am a  Brahmin” . Today times of India reported about Rahul Gandhi Claim in an article with heading I’m a Brahmin & Congress’s general secretary: Rahul Gandhi to party . Rahul Gandhi made this rebuttal claim as reported by Times to silent a upper caste/Brahmin argument of a Local leader from UP.

Since morning two hash-tag are prominent in all the regions of India.


#Rahul Gandhi

Through Twitter we are able to observe the views of people and Indians on Twitter has thrashed and ridiculed his claim as ” I am Brahmin”.

Interesting points:

- We tracked back the almost all the tweets since morning and every tweet related to these two hash-tags has rejected, ridiculed and thrashed Rahul Gandhi claim.

- The above mentioned hash-tags were trending in all the six listed regions of India.

-One of the reason which is very important to note that all the people who use Twitter are certainly net savvy if not tech savvy. They are educated and reacted harshly and ridiculed Rahul Gandhi claim. Why Rahul Gandhi caste claim became so important for Indians on Twitter? This is certainly a very important behavior of

- Rahul Gandhi claiming himself as a Brahmin became the trigger point.

- It clearly shows that Caste has its relevancy in the most educated strata of India also.

- Indeed a very bad PR for Rahul Gandhi at least on Twitter.

Some of the funniest tweets are


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