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Twitter verdict on Housefull2


It took us a long time to really have an exact idea of twitter verdict on Housefull 2, latest movie of Akshay Kumar directed by Sajid Khan. On Friday hash-tag #housefull2 was full of all the reviews from major digital channels, movie critics and blogs through out India and literally it didn’t allowed us to see the real picture of what India on Twitter thinks about Housefull2 and even Saturday and Sunday, review of the earning were good but the tweets were not able to give us an exact idea. Now it is the fourth day and certainly we can say that after screening the tweets for #Housefull2 for four days we have a pretty clear idea about the movie and it is pretty strange.

We went through thousands of tweets on #Housfull2 and first lets see what’s bad about Housefull2.

- It is a mindless comedy and seriously lacks logic

-If you enjoy smart comedy like Seinfeld or something heavily scripted like Big Bang Theory then it’s very unlikely that you would enjoy Housefull2

- Sajid Khan has been heavily criticized in the tweets for directing a senseless comedy.

- If you are a very serious lover of a cinema and want to watch a movie for a great performance then you will be very disappointed

Good news for Housefull2.

- It has managed to do a very good business in the weekend when IPL 5 is going on. That is really an achievement for any movie and IPL and cricket has to seriously think about the declining brand value of cricket in India.

- People who have seen this movie and enjoyed it are also very clear that you should watch this movie without using your brain or analysis. The majority of twitter user tweets that it was a laugh riot and Paisa Vasool.

-Twitter user were harsh on critics as critics have rubbed #Housefull2. One of the best tweet says to crtics that why you people have to search for story in every movie.

-Akshay Kumar has received a lots of praises as it has been his Box Office hit after a long time.

-One tweet which particularly defined this movie is ” It is a one time watch movie. Laugh and then completely forget about the movie. There is no point in discussing it.

- After going through thousands of tweet in four days we can say that Housefull2 is a movie which has the capacity to make you laugh and you will feel worth of paying the money for ticket. That is the majority of people think on twitter

We know that there are many people who has not liked the movie and don’t feel that the movie was worth paying and we agree with your view because there are many people who have like this movie and are saying same thing. The only difference is that the movie has been able to give them a laugh riot for some reason and they think that it was worth paying. We have observed this trend about

#Housefull 2 from 6th April and screened almost every tweets.

Some other interesting aspect we observed were

-Times of India review for  Housefull2 has given different ratings in two different towns while reviewer was same. It was particularly criticized by many twitter users.

-There was a race to prove that this movie is a hit by comparing the results of each day with earlier hit movies.

- Twitter certainly score over Facebook over real-time marketing. No doubt that many of these activities are from the marketing team of #Housefull2 only still twitter users have come on their own and have either hated or praised the movie.

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