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Verdict of Twitter on Vicky Donor


Vicky Donor absolutely Spermicilious! Says Twitter user in India

Verdict of Twitter on Vicky Donor. First of all it is very tough to write a verdict of a movie based on the tweets about a movie on Friday but Vicky Donor trend is a unique case in terms of trending on Twitter. 

Vicky Donor is not backed by a great marketing plan and a team to execute the plan in the first weekends. The film is made on an extremely tight budget and as per our observation the  ”Vicky Donor” trend is natural on Twitter in India. It is appearing in top five trends in all the six regions of  India. When we say it is natural we mean that a whole set of marketing team is not sitting and creating conversations on Twitter or the whole star cast of the movie is helping to create the trend. 

Movie reviewers have not reviewed this movie because of its low profile except big publishing houses. If it would have been a with a big star and marketing budget then everyone would have written about the movie. Now many reviews by the critics will appear but it doesn’t matter.

The movie is produced by John Abraham but he has kept very low profile and he has not allowed himself to affect the marketing of movie. We should really give the credit to John Abraham as the actor has not even used his Tweeter account to market the movie. John has worked very hard on making a good product and he has hit the bull’s eye as per Tweeter. 

Tweeter verdict on Vicky Donor:

1. Tweeter users have loved Vicky Donor. Vicky Donor is a must watch.

2. A controversial subject at-least for Indian culture has been dealt in Vicky Donor with a great sense of Comedy, romance,script, music and acting. Vicky Donor is a great product. Tweeter Users in India says Vicky Donor must watch this weekend.

3. As per few Tweets Vicky Donoris a pulsating comedy in the first half and slows down in the second still Vicky Donor is a great watch.  

4. Three characters has been praised with full heart by Tweeter users in Vicky Donor.

-Vicky played bu Ayushmaan Khurrana as a protagonist in Vicky Donor.


- Doctor- Played by Anu Kappor. Charcter of Anu Kappor in Vicky Donor is hilarious.

5. Two movies have been release today that is Vicky Donor and Hate Story. Vicky Donor has certainly out class Hate story. It is not easy to release a movie when IPL is going on and then create a curiosity on Tweeter without any marketing budget. Vicky Donor has managed to do both and Vicky Donor is a winner.

6. We have not seen a single Tweet which has tweeted any bad aspect of Vicky Donor. Vicky Donor has been able to entertain viewers in all aspect and has made them happy.

7. At last we will say that Vicky Donor is a perfect entertainer, dealt with a lots of sensibility by director Shoojit Sarcar. Vicky Donor at last left viewers with lots of happiness and a social message.

8. Congratulation to John Abraham to produce Vicky Donor.

Interesting aspect:

Controversial subject of Vicky Donor and tag line ” I am a sperm donor” got a lots of help from other trends on Twitter in India today.

Four other trending hash-tags -Abhishek Manu Singhvi, #ASM, #420 and Vibrator has helped a lot to create conversations among Twitter users. The two hashtags were trending on Twitter because of a recent controversy in which a congress spokes person is Linked. 

The nature of the controversy in which Abhishek Manu Singvi is linked allowed Twitter users to connect it with Vicky Donor. I will also say that Vicky Donor has been extremely lucky but luck favored those who really worked hard and deserve it.

It is an extreme of sweet irony that Vicky Donor is promoted by other controversies on the Twitter today.

We will leave you with few extraordinary and Funny Twitter.

You can believe our analysis of Tweets on Vicky Donor hash tags and this movie is worth spending money. Enjoy your weekends with absolutely spermilicious  Vicky Donor.

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