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US & Israel Behind Stuxnet : New York Times report



Stuxnet worm complexities and its nature of attack forced many analyst to think that it was created by a very well financed group backed by a country. One of the most important piece of evidence which on which analyst were relying was the controlled geographical nature of attack focused on one nuclear installation of Nantaz in Iran.

Yesterday a New York times report confirms month’s of speculation that US and Israel hand’s behind these attacks. The world has already entered in to an age where industrial installation’s can be physically attacked  and damaged through these worms. New York Times article confirms

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1. Stuxnet virus was approved by US President Barack Obama to attack Iran nuclear installation Nanatz.

2. Israel was also included in the project because of their deep knowledge of Nantaz facility and (Israel Unit 8200) their skills which rivals NSA.

Stuxnet was an extremely important weapon for US and Israel to achieve a target without shedding a blood or going in to war. Target of Stuxnet was to delay the effort of Iran to make enriched Uranium. The nature of goal and the approach to achieve the goal has somehow transformed the relationship between computers and industrial installation for ever.

US and Israel has brought a dangerous concept out from Pandora box. Concept is ” A digital virus can damage physically”.

The project was named Olympic Games and the virus was named The Bug. As per an article in Vanity Fair ” A Microsft Researcher named it Stuxnet”

The timeline of Stuxnet virus

Source: Symantec

It is very difficult for the security system to detect Stuxnet:

1. Target based attack.

2. Confined in a low geographical area.

The latest addition in theses high profile Cyber attacks and Cyber espionage is Worm.Win32.Flame detected by Kasperkey Security Labs. Flame is identified as till date most advanced cyber weapon. The evolution of new age Virus which is fueled by Nations has put all the developed nations at risk.

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