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Why this kolaveri di , youtube and its many version

Why this Kolaveri – D  song was released in November on youtube under the label of Sony music has already become the most searched video on youtube in India and since has become internet phenomena in Asia. Dhanush a south Indian actor has written and performed it. As per data available on youtube this song has already been viewed for more than forty million times. This song has already attained  a cult status on youtube because of its extreme unique performance, tune, music and tone of language which is

There are different version of this song also available on youtube and many of them has also go several million hit. These versions includes kid, Female, Punjabi, teaser, English r&b and combined views of these versions is around 24 millions and that is a big number. By the end of this year this song will sure cross a viewership of more than 100 millions and that number to achieve on Internet is a huge one. This song is a part of movie which is still not released and naturally during the release time of movie we will see a vast increase in the number of viewership of the official kolaveri-D video.

Youtube is no doubt the greatest medium to broadcast yourself worldwide. We don’t think that time are far away that we can see major movies release regularly on youtube. Last year we have already seen the direct broadcasting of IPL on Youtube. The possibility of this medium is immense.

Youtube has also established itself as a major platform of marketing for entertainment industry and “Why This kolaveri di” will naturally set a new trend of marketing a movie by releasing the making of song in a engaging way for viewers. In the coming months we will see a natural trend that movie makers will start taking Youtube more seriously than ever.

Dhanush didn’t make any money out of this song but what he earned is something every one crave in the industry he operates. He gained mind share throughout India and associated as main performer to an internet phenomenon. It happens on net also very rarely that a song becomes such a craze and how Dhanush is widely accepted.

The song became such a craze because of very carefully crafted youtube marketing strategy. Kolaveri-di in itself is funny, ubiquitous, natural, original and completely out of box product. One of the uniqueness of this song is it will be very difficult to create another “why this Kolaver di”. Why this Kolaveri-di has kicked a new trend of marketing of a movie in India and lets see who is going to be the next Why this kolaveri-di.





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