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Kony 2012 Invisible children was bound to be viral on YouTube

Kony 2012 Invisible Children, became viral on YouTube but why? We think that it was bound to be such a hit. First some statistics and background.

Kony 2012 Invisible children a half an hour documentary movie was loaded on YouTube on 5th march 2012. Till 23 march, in less than twenty days the statistics of this documentary video is mind boggling.

Kony 2012 Invisible Children YouTube Statistics-

More than84 million views.

View from a mobile device-30,709,936

facebook.com embedding-11,282,480

Referral from – facebook.com-8,852,717
First referral from YouTube search – kony 20128,269,233
First referral from a subscriber module3,129,246
First referral from YouTube search – kony2,170,106
First referral from – twitter.com1,320,148
First referral from Google search – kony 2012427,840

Likes-1.3 million likes.

Vimeo statistics are also very good with seventeen million views.

What has really made this video on arresting a war criminal and bringing thirty thousand children back to their home in UGANDA, such a big hit on web in such a small time.

is it just the cause which has made Kony 2012 invisible children video such a success or something else. As per our observation the success of KONY 2012 invisible children is depended on many other aspect than only the cause.

Invisible Children Inc as an NGO was found in 2003 and since then Jason Rusell with his team is working to make the situation of the kids in Uganda known to the government authorities in US and general public.

Invisible children On Facebook.

Invisible children joined Facebook on November 8 2007  and till 2008 December Invisible children page has only 29 post and very nominal liking. The story of Invisible Children Page Facebook is completely different in 2009.

Since January 2009 Invisible children became a regular on Facebook and since then no looking back.

January- 20 post/February – 8 post/March- 14 post/April-19 Post /May-11 post/June-11 post and June was the month when the post on the page of invisible children started getting a regular likes of more than seventy five per post.

July 2009- seven post only but all the post got more than hundred likes. It was in June and July 2009 invisible children suddenly started getting response from the members and since then there is no looking back for invisible children.

We did some realistic data interpretation of the Facebook page of Invisible children.

Invisible children joined twitter in Feb 2009 and since then they have more 3000 tweets and have 415380 followers. 

On YouTube also Invisible Children was building their social network since last five years. They have uploaded their first video five years ago which has been viewed by more than 50k.

Now we have some data and facts on which we can really make our premise that why this Kony 2012 Invisible Children became such a big hit. The response to the documentary Kony 2012 invisible children is not a fluke.

Networking- Invisible Children Inc is almost a decade old and since then Jason Rusell and his group has worked a lot to create awareness about the situation of children in Uganda. It has been a long journey for them but they build the network by giving talks and organizing events. It has not been like that they joined Facebook and they got a great response. If you will clearly see the above data you will get an idea that their Facebook page evolved into a highly networked page since 2010 only but they joined Facebook in Nov 2007.

If you will see the average like per post then you will get an idea that how it has increased year-wise and in the last four months it has grown phenomenally. The point which I am making is Invisible Children as a concept has a great mind-share before the official release of the Kony 2012 Invisible children.

Invisible Children Inc used social media and build the network brick by brick. They are on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube( since 2006) and are using tumbler as their blog

Clarity- When you bring clarity in your objective it will be easy to choose the strategy. They choose their objective very clearly and the objective was to ” capture Joseph Kony and return of thirty thousand children” and while fulfilling  this objective many other objective will also be fulfilled. They set the timeline also to fulfill the objective and that is 2012.

How to create awareness- We can see very clearly that the mgmt of Invisible Children Inc has a very clear idea that if they want to build a public opinion on this issue then they need the people who has the ability to transform or affect the culture on a very high level on their side. Celebrities like Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Bono and George clooney openly supported it then mighty Bill Gates also put his weight behind Kony 2012.

policy makers are the most important aspect of this campaign because without their support nothing will be possible. If you will go through the documentary Kony 2012 it is clearly stated that US will not interfere in any Foreign country if US didn’t have any Financial or foreign policy interest in that area. Kony 2012 is a remarkable campaign in which Invisible Children Inc has used both the culture makers and policy makers to achieve the objective. No doubt that it is very natural that when iconic celebrities like Oprah or George Clooney and legendary Bill Gates and many more openly supported this cause, it helped in creating a huge awareness and boosted the success of Kony 2012 Invisible Children on internet.

Creativity, Simplicity and Focus- Invisible Children has used creativity to create awareness about Joseph Kony and the situation of children in Uganda. The most interesting part of this whole concept is that instead of concentrating on visual plight of these children in Uganda, they focused on creating awareness about the situation through voices and inspired people to support the cause to capture  Joseph Kony.

One of the major point we would like to point out that while doing the data interpretation of the Invisible Child Facebook page, we noticed an interesting point that any post which is rich and creative in visual media has great response in comparison to text based post.

Visual violence and boring internal situation of UGANDA would not have ever been able to create an interest in general public. A lot of criticism has been made about the documentary Kony 2012 invisible Children that it has oversimplified situation in Uganda. We completely accept it but the point is that documentary never say or talk about exposing the plight of Uganda or cruelty of Joseph Kony. The documentary has been made with a simple communication that they need to market Joseph Kony and make him famous to build a public opinion that he should be captured. This clarity and Focus in objective can bring simplicity in the whole approach and produce awesome result.

Overall we can say that Kony 2012 invisible children success was not a fluke. It was backed by extremely power full social media network which is build over years and also supported by the iconic celebrity as well as policy makers. We can say that this documentary may in reality didn’t have the rigorous quality of a documentary filmmaker but it is backed many other powerful platforms which has created the certainty that it will be such a big hit. Today world know about Joseph Kony, his cruelty and the message that he should be captured.

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