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Part 2 didn’t make any impact on YouTube

Kony 2012 : Part 2 and “why this kolaveri D” song in movie avatar  has not been able to make any impact on YouTube in comparison of their predecessor. The first edition of both videos became viral on YouTube and created history. Kony 2012: Invisible children made a world-wide impact then “why this Kolaveri D”  became youth anthem in India. It is clearly visible that the forces which we working in the first edition was not present in their second Part.

Statistical comparison

Kony 2012 Part2-  1,844,882 views in fifteen days of their uploading.

Kony 2012: Invisible children – 87,999,510. Kony 2012: Invisible children achieved 80% of their views in the first three weeks of their uploading the video.

Kony 2012: part 2 has received only 2.o96% of the views which Kony 2012: Invisible children received. (We have not taken the views which Kony 2012: Invisible children received on Vimeo)

There is no chance that Kony 2012: Part 2 will be able to make any impact. The basic reasons are:

1: The unfortunate incident which happened with creator of Kony 2012: invisible children must have played a great role.

2: It appears that even Invisible children Inc also kept a low profile for part 2.

3: The forces which were working behind the Kony 2012: Invisible children were absent from Kony 2012: Part 2. i.e the support of

many celebrities.

4. Every product and information has a shelf time. It can’t be in the limelight of the audience for ever. Kony 2012: Invisible children has completed the life cycle of this product. I am particularly talking about the documentary as a product. First part was a great hit and in reality there was no need of second part in such a short span of time. It falls apart in terms of response.

Statistical comparison:

Why this Kolaveri D song movie version:

Movie version of “why this Kolaveri D”:581,464                  

Original version of “why this Kolaveri D”53,044,94

Movie version of “why this Kolaveri D” received  only 1.09 % of the original version of song.

Movie version of the songs was not able to make the impact because:

1. Movie 3 in Tamil language became a flop and with movie the superhit song ” Why this Kolaveri D” movie version also.

2. Original version was marketed very well as it was told in the media that the song was created twenty minutes only.

3. Internet Shelf life of the song “Why this Kolaveri D”  on YouTube was over.

4. As we have observed “why this Kolaveri D” was a marketing blunder. The movie for which the song was never promoted with song. The original version of the song became so famous that it made Dhanush the lead protagonist of the movie who sang the song became a fortnight star but the movie was never promoted in the background of “Why This Kolaveri D”.

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