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YouTube added another channel: Human Rights Channel


YouTube has another feather in its wing a channel dedicated to Human Rights. YouTube announced the latest development on their official blog. The main reason YouTube has stated for a specific channel for human rights because of their experience during Arab Spring.

YouTube has said [highlighter color="gray" ]“ We’ve seen this play out on a global stage during the Arab Spring, for example: during the height of the activity, 100,000 videos were uploaded from Egypt, a 70% increase on the preceding three months. And we’ve seen it play out in specific, local cases with issues like police brutality, discrimination, elder abuse, gender-based violence, socio-economic justice, access to basic resources, and bullying”[/highlighter]

WITNESS and STORYFUL are partnering with YouTube. Witness is an international non profit organization that uses the power of video and storytelling to highlight the Human abuse case around the world. Storyful on the other hand separate news which matters from real time web. Both partner’s will play distinct role for YouTube to make their effort successful. Storyful job will be  to verify the content and source of the vidoe and Witness will ensure that Human Right Channel has a balance approach towards content’s covering different issues.

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