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10 YouTube Educational Channels


All of us know that YouTube is a video sharing site where you can upload ,share and view videos.YouTube has worldwide reach and is available in 54 languages however did you ever think that you can use YouTube to learn Languages , find out how to do algebra , learn about Science Experiments  and even learn to solve GMAT Data Sufficiency problems. Surprised!! don’t be .

More than 2 billion people watch YouTube Everyday and it is a great brand in itself. Most of the companies and services who are building their presence online and on social media have their Channels on YouTube. These channels allow you to subscribe to them such that you can get regular video feeds from them  and other helpful information about the company. There are many Education Channels available on TouTube where you can watch the Education Videos , Subscribe to these channels share the videos and give your feedback.

The best part about these video is that they are available to you any time any place as long as you have access to Internet. It can be your virtual teacher and mostly it is a refreshing change from our everyday Physical Teachers :) . Parents and Teachers can subscribe to these YouTube Channels to learn innovative means of  teaching , Students can directly use these YouTube Channels to refresh their concepts and it’s a great way of learning which gives a refreshing breather from tradition book and pen system.  Since it is a video base you can pause it , replay it until you understand the concept . You can again refer to these videos if you have any doubts.

Following is a list of 10 YouTube channels which are useful to Students , Teachers and Parents

  • FunEasyEnglish.com as the name suggests its a fun way of learning English grammar , pronunciation , they have 215 videos and 1,407 subscribers.
  • TCYonline this YouTube Channel has Math videos , about Geometry, Probability etc. they have 51 videos and 432 subscribers
  • WOWmath.org Math another YouTube Channel for Math 618 videos and 2774 subscribers.
  • Worldwide Center of Mathematics another YouTube Math channel , videos about calculus and theorems. 208 videos and 604 subscribers.
  • YourTeacher.com YouTube Math Channel 677 videos and 33,970 subscribers
  • Kids Online English Learning  YouTube Fun learning channel this uses cartoons and characters to teach English
  • Ivy Key Educational Channel YouTube Channel for GMAT and SAT problem solving , 81 videos , 27 Subscribers
  • Discovery Education this is Discovery’s YouTube Channel showcasing Science Projects and other General Knowledge informative videos, 157 Videos and 14,147 Subscribers.
  • YouTube Teachers This YouTube Channel covers many topics like Math , biology , Language and General Knowledge , they have 28 playlists and 5048 Subscribers.
  • physicseducation’s channel  Watch this YouTube Channel to learn physics through experiments , they have 44 videos and 289 subscribers.

So grab those headphones and happy learning!!

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