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YouTube has introduced face blurring tool

YouTube has already become a very powerful  tool for for citizen’s and activist’s to expose the human right violation any where around the world.    YouTube has introduced a new tool to empower the citizen around the world. YouTube has introduced this new tool on the basis of a report “Camera Report Everywhere” from an international human rights organization WITNESS.

In report WITNESS has pointed in the report that  ”No video-sharing site or hardware manufacturer currently offers users the option to blur faces or protect identity”. YouTube has introduced a new tool face blurr which will allow a YouTube user to obscure faces with in video with the click of a video.

Face blurring tool will allow to blur the faces in any video and it will help to guard the privacy or maintain the privacy of the protester. It is extremely easy to use the blurr feature. You can use the blur feature by using video enhancement tool which is available in additional features. In some case YouTube latest tool will not be able to identify a face because of angle or lighting issue. This is a emerging technology and certainly will evolve with time.

Google is working a lot to evolve YouTube as a channel which can broadcast the news.

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