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Agni V and ICBM are rare twin hits on Twitter in India.(Update)

Agni V Tested successfully on Thursday Morning.

It was postponed on Wednesday because of Bad Weather.


Congratulation to DRDO and Indian


Agni V and ICBM are rare twin hits on Twitter in India. It is very rare that an Indian indigenous technology or Technology company from will trend on twitter while in US it is a normal phenomenon. The major reason behind it is not a single technology company in India has not been able to make an ubiquitous impact in India except few government agencies like ISRO or DRDO.

Today  news related to the test launch of Agni V is trending on twitter since morning as the news is published in all the major publication of Indian and covered live in the digital media. It is a very interesting trend because what we have normally observed that on twitter in Indian geography is rarely indigenous technology trends on Twitter. As we have observed normally what trends on Twitter is

- A political news.

- A local area problem. Today only central line is a trend in Mumbai because central Line local is not working.

- A Bollywood movie which has been able to create a buzz and generated a certain amount of curiosity.

- Conversation which has been started by a celebrity.

- Technology related trends which makes a trend in USA. There is gap of at-least fifteen hours  when a technology news from USA becomes a trend in India.

-Agni V is a continuous hit in every region of India.

There is no doubt that these two hash-tags has been swarmed by news houses to do the real-time marketing of this news on these two hash-tags. The launch is scheduled at 19.00 and Agni V will play an extremely strategic role as deterrent against China. Agni V will allow India to join the exclusive club of ICBM.

In last few years news related to China as an aggressive neighbor has been published or aired countless times.  Twitter users in Indian are certainly participating in the conversation related to AgniV. There are many Twitter users venting their angst against government and  ridiculing some of the ministers. There are many Tweets which clearly indicates the anticipation of the successful launch of Agni V.

We are also constantly checking the trends in Pakistan also but Agni V is certainly not making any impact in Pakistan region. After the launch it may be we will see Agni V trending in Pakistan. It is just an assumption we are making because after the launch news related to Agni V will be certainly aired in the mainstream news channels in Pakistan.

Everything about Agni V.

1. Agni V will be the most potent missile of Indian Armor which can cover Asia and 70% Europe.

3. Agni V will be capable of carrying nuclear warheads and it can carry a payload of 1 tonne.

2. It is a deterrent against China which can hit Beijing.

3. Agni V missile range will be 5000 km.

4. Agni-5 is specially tailored for road-mobility.

5. Launch mass of Agni V is around fifty tones and it has been developed with a costing Rs 2500 Cr or $500 million.

6. It will enhance say of India as a world power in Asia as well as in UNSC.

7. Agni-V will be operational by 2014-2015 after four to five repeatable tests by the DRDO.

8. The successful launch of Agni 5 will  boost confidence of Indian share market.

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