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Amazon press conference: Live Twitter coverage


Amazon is doing press conference regarding new products they are introducing in the market. Twitter is on fire and as we are based in India so we have decide that we will do live Twitter coverage on the hashtag  Amazon press conference.

So first breaking news is Amazon has unveiled Kindle Paperwhite:

Kindle Team has Tweeted

Danny Sulvian editor of www.searchengineland.com  @dannysullivan’s  tweeted this picture


Amazon has introduced New kindle Fire HD.

The Next Web Tweeted @TheNextWeb tweeted

Breaking News Tweeted @BreakingNews

New Kindle Fire HD 7 inch $199 will be shipped from September 14.

8.9 inch costing $299 will be shipped from 14 November. The screen resolution of : 8.9-inch is 1920×1200 resolution at 254 pixels per inch.


Nick Bilton the Columnist and Lead writer of the The New York Times blog bits @nickbilton tweeted two which can be considered as an insight in to future. Amazon vs Apple

Michael Gartenerg @Gartenberg industry analyst at Gartner and technology columnist tweeted

Lance Ulanoff @LanceUlanoff Editor in Chief at Mashable  tweeted

An interesting Tweet doing round on Twitter may be an statement From Jeff Bejos CEO of Amazon is

“We want to make money when people USE our devices, not when they BUY our devices.”





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