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Amazon is testing Smartphone

Wall Street journal reported that Amazon is already testing the smartphone with suppliers. The latest development has cemented the previous claim of Wall Street journal about Amazon is working on developing a smartphone. Smartphone industry can be considered as one of the most competitive market in world but Smartphone market has gone way beyond hardware.

Amazon entry in Smartphone industry will transform the nature of competition in Smartphone industry. Introducing a Smartphone is a logical move for Amazon after Kindlefire. As per the reports Amazon will start the production of the Smartphone by the end of this year or later next year. As per surveys Android Smartphone and Tablets already lead the market in US as a Platform. Android Smartphone has 50.9% market share where iPhone 31.9% market share.

Amazon decision to introduce Smartphone has only one reason to increase and safeguard  the market share of Amazon in digital content and Physical product business.

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