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Do you think Apple will start their own wireless service?

Veteran Strategist Whitey Bluestein  has made a bold prediction about Apple launching a wireless service for i-Phone and i-Pad. While speaking at informa MVNO industry summit at Barcelona he made this prediction. BGR reported it and he wrote an article in GigaOm  also describing How Apple will become a wireless carrier?

Whitney Bluestein is  a strategic advisor and dealmaker has managed complex business relationships and negotiated joint ventures in the US, Europe, Asia and Canada. A former attorney, he has negotiated deals and managed strategic alliances with Verizon, Disney, Microsoft, Best Buy, Qualcomm, American Express, AT&T, Intel, T-Mobile.

He said that Apple has the perfect ecosystem to offer wireless services directly to the customer. He pointed out that Apple has

- The distribution Channel.

- Digital content portfolio

- Customer base

- 250 million credit cards data from iTunes user base.

In the article which he wrote for GigaOm he mentioned that launching a wireless service is next for Apple. He referred to the patent filled in 2006  by Apple supporting his argument. As per him what is stopping Apple from launching their own wireless services is the huge subsidies which carriers have provided on the i-Phones. Apple will be the first mover as per Whitey Bluestein.

As per him Google will be the next to make this move but Google didn’t have the exact ecosystem which is required to make this move. Google lacks

-The distribution Channel

-The digital content portfolio.

We think that what Whitey Bluestein  has predicted is true. We are also thinking since last many months that what will be the next big thing for Apple? We never thought of Apple launching a wireless service but Apple launching itself wireless service is not a big thing. It can be the strategic choice for Apple because of the ecosystem they have developed. What Apple is doing is just reverse of RIM. Apple has developed i-Tunes, i-Pod, i-Phone, app store, i-Pad and seamlessly integrated it with the ecosystem. The main point will be integration of the concept Apple wireless services with Apple devices.

Videathink view: Apple is known for innovation and providing extraordinary experience to customers. If Apple is becoming a wireless service provider the what is consumer’s gain? What are the innovation Apple will bring in providing the wireless service which can work in favor of consumers.

The most important aspect will be if Apple is becoming a wireless service provider then how this new portfolio will be integrated into Future Apple products.

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