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Apple announced WWDC 2012: roll out date June 11


Are you participating in WWDC 2012?


Apple has announced the dates of WWDC2012. WWDC 2012 will start from June 11-15.  WWDC 2012 is the acronym of world-wide developers conference. It is one of the most awaited conference for the app developers.

WWDC 2012 will be an opportunity for application developers for iPhone and iPad to meet with engineer’s and fellow application developers of Apple. 

What will happen in WWDC 2012?

1. Application developers will get an insight of the latest breakthrough technologies in iOS and OSX  before anyone else in WWDC 2012. There will 100 session in WWDC 2012 on iOS and OS X essentials, app services, developer tools, graphics, media, games. Application developers will get an opportunity to work with the engineers of the Apple.

In 100 session six technical tracks will be covered.

Apple has also asked student to apply for the WWDC 2012 scholarship. Eligibility criteria:

-Be a current member of the iOS developer program, iOS developer university program or MAC developer program.

-Be a full or part-time student above age 13.

-Provide proof of enrollment from school.

Any student who fits in the criteria can apply through Apple website

If you want to take part in the WWDC 2012 then paid membership is available for you. The cost of ticket to participate in WWDC is

1. 1599$

2. Apple has limited the availability of tickets for WWDC 2012. Ticket available for individual is one and five per organization.

3.To buy a ticket, sign in with the Apple ID associated with your iOS Developer Program, iOS Developer Enterprise Program, or Mac Developer Program account. Members between 13 and 17 years old must have their parent or guardian complete the purchase of their WWDC 2012 ticket. Any aspiring participant can buy the ticket from Apple website.

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