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Apple big blow to Samsung

In last two years if a company has been able to give Apple a sense of competition then it is a Samsung. Samsung has certainly evolved enough to take the innovation process ahead but no doubt that when they started penetrating “The Smartphone market created by Apple” they have only one goal to follow it was iPhone. Smasung move to enter in the market of Smartphone was crafted very carefully.

In 2007 when iPhone was launched Steve Jobs predicted with certainty that they are five years ahead of everyone. he forgot to add that if they are not being copied. Samsung has played an extremely important role in balancing and evolving the Smartphone industry but Steve Jobs made his anger very clear about the Android through his biography.

He wanted to start a thermonuclear war against Android.

Apple certainly can’t ignore the wishes of his iconic founder when they knew that they have a strong chance to win.

Poor Samsung the first victim of the anger of Steve Jobs. Apple instead of going for Google went on for Samsung the leader among smartphone manufacturer. Samsung emerges as a leader in Smartphone market has certainly build this empire on the base of Android. Apple instead of going for Google directly has waged a war against most important player for Android.

Samsung even offered an out of court settlement to Apple which Apple refused. Apple wanted to go for kill and they have tasted the first blood of  vengeance. We think that Apple went for a courtroom fight because

1. It will cause maximum damage to Samsung with all the media attention.

2. It will also send a proxy war signal to Google if Apple can manage to win the Courtroom allegation.

3. Win over Samsung in a Courtroom on the issue of design and UI will certainly rattle all other Android manufacturers.

The Courtroom war waged by Apple against Samsung delivered first monumental victory for Apple. Last Friday The Jury of seven men and two women found that South Korean manufacturer of Smartphone has infringed of six out of seven patent. Jury awarded $1.05 billion to Apple.$ 1.05 billion will not enrich the coffers of Apple and neither it will bankrupt Samsung.

The impact of this ruling will go far beyond just Samsung paying $1.05 billion to Apple.

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