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Apple countdown for 25 billionth application download from apple app store is in progress

Apple has started the countdown for the download of 25th billion download from apple app store. To speed up the process Apple has started a contest in which the 25th billionth download will win the prize.


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Point which is needed to be note down is that Apple has turned it in to race and we are pretty sure that it will make in to world news. We did some calculation and in every forty-second ten thousand application are being downloaded. Twenty two millions application needed to be downloaded so it will take around fifteen hours to touch that mark. Naturally it is as per our calculation and downloading will  speed up as it will go close to the magic number.

The winner will win ten thousand dollar gift voucher for Apple apps store. What we can conclude from this race to be the “The one buyer” of app from apple store

  • Have we become a species who live in the great illusion of the experience of brand and it has gone so deep inside our consciousness that we have stopped using our mind.
  • This crazy race to download the app is really pointing in one direction that Apple is a strongest cult brand available on earth.
  • Apple is a master marketeer who has the ability to turn any of his profit earning activity in to a news and branding aspect. At last from all the downloads it is Apple will win only.

Videathink waits for the news of The one who will win this race based on only probability. As we will get the news we will update you.

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