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Apple remembers his Founder Steve Jobs

Exactly one year back on 5th October 2011 Steve Jobs died. Steve Jobs started Apple with Steve Wozniak  on 1st April 1976. Steve Jobs in his second inning with Apple revolutionized Computing and Mobile Technology which transformed many industries and even the nature internet. Apple remembers his inspiration Steve Jobs. Apple has remembered Steve Jobs by showcasing his achievements and idea s through a video. Tim Cook CEO of Apple has also posted a message on the Apple website about Steve Jobs.


[youtube width="500" height="300"]XELqr9tEYiE[/youtube]

In his open message Tim Cook has said that Apple is the greatest gift Steve Jobs has given to the world. You Can read his letter below.

One of the most important part of his message is Apple is a company which has inspired creativity. How Steve Jobs and Apple has impacted your life. Tell us about your views.

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