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Who stole the WOW or AWESOME factor from iPhone 5?

Apple introduced iPhone 5 to world on September 12. Introduction of iPhone 5 was the biggest news for all the tech blogger in the world on September 12. Blogs and Tech News websites were full of post and articles on speculation and what to expect from iPhone 5. Conventional media like CNN, BBC , TOI, NDTV also has a dedicated news priority for the introduction of any new product from Apple.

Everyone wants to be a part of Apple show. When ever a new Apple product is introduced the reaction is AWESOME. This year after the introduction of iPhone 5, the reaction from analyst was iPhone lacked the WOW or AWESOME factor . The WOW factor is not iPhone 5 is one of the major point which analyst is has concluded.

iPhone really lacked WOW or something else happened on September 12 which forced analyst think that iPhone lack the WOW factor. We think something else happened on September 12.

We think that WOW or AWESOME factor of iPhone 5 is still there but it is stolen. Apple events in which new products are revealed is like a Super-hit movie which has only one show. It is a single movie show, tickets are limited and not every one is invited to the show. The products which will be introduced in the show are superstars and these shining stars will be available in the market for everyone to have their own piece. Apple is a cult brand and people want some want part of anything which produces. iPhone is a great news and everyone from Media companies to audience want to be the part of the news. Media companies will report news on the product and then audience will consume and engage with the news. Audience who will not buy the product of Apple they also want to consume the news related to Apple products. Introduction of a new product of Apple as a brand create enough power as a news which has a very large number of audience.

on September 12 large percentage of the audience has been busy in another extremely important news which came on the block on that day. The news was big, unfortunate and shocking for America and indeed iPhone 5 introduction lost his power and shine in-front of this news.

On Sept 11th 2012 J. Christopher Stevens American ambassador  in Libya and three other Americans officials were killed in Benghazi in an attack by protesters on US consulate. An anti Islamic movie which is doing rounds on internet since few weeks is the catalyst behind a wave of protest which has spread in Arab and middle east. It is first time a serving ambassador had been killed since Afghan envoy Adolph Dubs died in a 1979 kidnapping. The incident happened in September 11 which is one of the blackest day in American history. News is the Product which media companies produce which audience consume and it is extremely important to give priority to news. Attack on US consulate in Benghazi and death of an American ambassador was a historically big news and iPhone introduction just got lost.

As news the incident in Benghazi became the center point of consumption and engagement for American audience on September 12. iPhone 5 news became to materialistically aligned news in front of the unfortunate incident. It stole WOW factor from iPhone.

A movie is hit not because it is great movie. It is hit because a large number of people has saw the movie and they think it is a great product. on 12th Sept America was busy with the news of the death of Ambassador  and three other officials in Libya. iPhone 5 news just  could not make the impact.

This year in India Samsung Galaxy S III was released and the MRP was Rs 43,180. 31st May was a nation wide strike day called by Political Parties against recent hike in Petrol price. On Twitter Samsung Price became an issue and the high price of Samsung literally got trapped in the anger against inflation and price hike of petrol. In this case another news caused a reaction on the price of Samsung Galaxy S III.

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iPhone 5 revealed to the world news became irrelevant or almost ignored by the audience because of the massive impact of another news.  The shelf life of a news is very small and in the presence of another big news they just die.

When iPhone was introduced to the world it was like a magic and this is the fifth time Apple did the magic. iPhone still has the crown of best smartphone in the world but world has indeed seen some other great smartphone also. It appears as the magic of the smartphone on consumers has come down and their imagination has a perception that what will be delivered. The world has come  out from the great magic of one of the most important consumer good ever been made. Now Smartphone is becoming more and more a part of their life.

The show will go on and the WOW effect will not for any smartphone till some magical mutation is not happening to these awesome devices.

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